What the Mizoguchi Method Is and How It Can Improve Your Posture?

Nowadays, many people undergo excessive pain their bodies unnoticeably because of their poor posture. If your posture is improper, it can lead you to poor sleep, back pain, and regular headaches. As your posture determines your body’s positions to hold your body while lying, standing, and sitting, it can affect your body in innumerable ways.


Thankfully, the Mizoguchi method came out to aid people in getting rid of ‘Bad Posture.’ Don’t you know what Mizoguchi is and how is it beneficial? Let’s read the article to explore all vital things about Mizoguchi Method:

What Mizoguchi’s really is?

Fundamentally, the Mizoguchi method is a series of simple exercises that you can do only in a few minutes. However, one needs to carry out them habitually to correct their posture and acquire other benefits. Mizoguchi method was created by Yoko Mizoguchi, a dancer who states that her method aids to regain flexibility.


Conversely, the Mizoguchi method is a physical activity based on the distension of joints and alignment. The purpose is to recover your body’s natural flexibility and get a perfect body shape deprived of putting surplus efforts. Yoko Mizoguchi developed this method for those who can’t perform intense physical exercises and those who want to reduce muscle tension.

1 Bum-walking

Walking with your buttocks, also known as bum-walking, is an exercise that asks you to move around on the surface by using your buttocks imagining as you’re walking. To perform this exercise, you need to sit with your knees bent two sides. While moving your bum, you’ve to consider if your bum is your feet. This exercise boosts the movement of hips and pelvis, which will increase your resistance and coordination, particularly while walking.


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2Rotating your shoulder

This is one of the basic and simplest exercises you can do in any normal conditions. Whether you’re sitting down or standing up, this exercise is very easy to do. To do this, you’ve to move your shoulders circularly, initially rotating them forward and then backward. The aim is to relieve the tension that builds up in your neck and shoulder. It’s an ideal exercise for those who work in front of computers for long hours and do office management work.

Rotating your shoulder

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3Scapular Rotations

For those who spend lots of time seated in one place, this is another recommended exercise. The exercise is quite simple, as you need to move your shoulders to make an imagined cross in your back. You need to move them from top to bottom, and then from front to back. Lastly, rotate the entire back from left to right. It is great to get rid of the tension in your neck and requires a few seconds to perform.

Scapular Rotations

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4Massage of your butt

This is another simple exercise you can carry out by using a golf ball or tennis ball. To perform this, you will be lying on your back on the surface. Afterward, put the ball below your buttocks and twist your hips for nearly 30 seconds. Now, you need to repeat this with your other buttock. It would be beneficial to boot out the muscular tension in the pelvis and boost your hips’ flexibility.

Massage of your butt

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