What It Means If You Keep Waking Up at Dawn When You Don’t Want To

People with depression and anxiety have many symptoms in common and one of them is getting up very early in the morning which the world might say is a virtue but in actuality is the sign of extreme stress and anxiety which needs to be addressed. IT means you’ve reached a breaking point. In a classic case, a depressed person might be losing sleep or is a habitual insomniac who is dependent on sleeping medications for a shut-eye.


But the things are really bad when even after taking sleeping taking pills you cannot slumber off extra and are wide awake with the sun. deep stress, anxiety, fear or worries are some of the reasons for which a person cannot have the quality sleep which a human gets just in the wee hours of the morning.

1Larks and owls

According to the experts, people are divided into two categories as per their sleeping patterns. One are larks, the other are owls. While larks wake up early maybe even at dawn to begin their day, owls may just be going to bed at that time. That being said, there is a huge connection between morning insomnia and breaking point and a person’s mental state may be making them wake up in the morning even if they don’t want to. If you find this happens to you, you may want to learn why.

Larks and owls

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2You feel restless in the early morning

Morning sleep should be the deepest dreamless and most refreshing sleep which charges up your body for the day but in the case of a depressed person it’s just the opposite. You get up in starts gripped with anxiety or worry of the day as if you never had a respite. This means you have reached the stress breaking point. It comes out mainly if you are facing burnout in your work, or academics and are under some sort of sheer mental pressure. This is the reason that your sleep cannot rejuvenate you and remain anxious and exhausted both mentally and physically.

You feel restless in the early morning

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3Daily activities invite both pleasant and unpleasant feelings into our lives

Anything can trigger this anxiety, a bad day at work, argument with family member or a colleague in office, worry about finances or health even impending final exam can cause you to tip over. These swarm of locusts of negative thoughts keep rewinding in your head all night and stops you from sleeping at all or even if you do manage to nod off the sleep is brief and fitful.


In the end your brain just gives up trying to sleep at all and you get up wide awake with all those thoughts running in your head as if the motor of your thought never even slowed for a bit. You brain keeps trying to cope with the pressure.

Pleasant and unpleasant feelings

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4Uncontrolled stress can result in morning anxiety

This uncontrolled stress and pent up frustration take a toll on us. It causes morning panic attacks and anxiety which is very common. Since you are not getting any sleep and have to force your still tired body and mind to get into another punishing routine of the day, it makes you angry and irritated at the world. This leads to a lack of concentration, drowsiness, irritation and panic attacks. If this continues, you are at the risk of developing health issues like diabetes, heart problems, gastrointestinal problems, asthma and many more.

Uncontrolled stress can result in morning anxiety

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