What is iodine patch test and why is it necessary for you?

The thyroid gland is a fist designed gland which usually weighs less than one ounce and it is positioned at the anterior base of the neck.


The thyroid is responsible for secreting hormones that impact the whole body and it influences many important functions of the body such as metabolism, development and growth of the bones and regulating body temperature.

Thyroid’s appropriate function is reliant on on two main minerals iodine and manganese. And Iodine is more important of the two as it is essential for correct thyroid task and health. And this simple and low-priced test can demonstrate whether your body is receiving the required amount of iodine in order to regularize thyroid secretions.


1 What is the Iodine Patch Test?

The iodine patch test is used to measure how rapidly your body absorbs iodine. This isn’t a proper way to test iodine in face of a clinically-performed test that accurately measures iodine level, this patch test gives you a close idea.

In order to use the patch test, get some iodine tincture and just paint a stamp sized patch on the inside part of your wrist. Wait for 24 hours and if the brown stain fades, it is an indicator that your body is not getting the required amount of iodine for thyroid gland to perform its function normally.


In the event of you taking prescribed thyroid medicine, lack of iodine in the body will foil the body from correctly using it.

What is the Iodine Patch Test?

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2 Iodine Patch Test Instructions

The most optimal time to perform this test is in the morning hours, especially after you have taken the shower. Use only iodine tincture to smear the square size stamp on the inside of your wrist. Tincture is readily available at any pharmacy or drug store without any prescription.

Do check the color of the solution and it should be orange colored. Resist from buying a clear colored solution. Remember and even better, write down the time when you apply the patch on your wrist. Keep a keen observation on the change in the color of the patch over the next 24 hour time period.

Iodine Patch Test Instructions

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3 Interpreting Iodine Patch Test Results

Remember for a base point, normally if you have a bigger need for iodine, your body will definitely use up the iodine a lot sooner.


But you can interpret the results of the iodine patch test in the following ways:

Interpreting Iodine Patch Test Results

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  • If the patch begins to lessen in color after 24 hours, the level of iodine in the body is normal and
  • If the patch vanishes, almost or completely, over 18-24 hours, you have a slight deficiency of iodine.
  • If the patch disappears, almost or completely, over 12-18 hours, you have a reasonable deficiency of
  • If the patch vanishes, almost or completely, over 6-12 hours, you have a severe lack of iodine.
  • If the patch disappears, almost or completely, in just 6 hours or less, you have a very severe lack of
    iodine. And you should immediately contact your doctor.

4 The video instructions and reliability of the test

You can see how to perform the iodine patch test in the above video.

You need to know that despite several recent studies have been conducted to demonstrate the growths in iodine levels via skin absorption and then telling the result of this test may reveal a deficiency or appropriateness of iodine, you should consider lots of other factors.


There are other factors that have a role in the vanishing of the yellow color of iodine from the exterior of the skin. Like the disappearance of iodine can be affected by temperatures and atmospheric pressure.


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