What Happens to Your Body When You Quit Sodas

You might think drinking soda is only mildly harmful, but you are very wrong. There is a reason why every expert and medical professional warns you against drinking soft drinks. We drink sodas almost every week, and most people, especially adolescents prefer drinking cold sodas over regular water. This is exactly the sort of habit you should keep the young people away from. From a heart attack to obesity to cancer risks, your soda habit is the one which you need to kick immediately.


A lot of people do not think soda is as harmful and toxic as advertised because they do not exactly know how it affects their body. Some people believe sodas should come with a cautionary warning just as cigarettes do. Let’s talk about what exactly soda does and how you will bring about a change in your body if you quit it.

1Most Sodas Have Sugar and Caffeine

Most sodas have a harmful amount of sugar and caffeine, which one must consume very carefully. Not only should their intake be measured but most doctors advise people to track their caffeine consumption so that it does not take over their lives. One 12-ounce serving of your favourite soda has around 39 grams of sugar, which is roughly a little more than 3 tablespoons of sugar. That’s right, not teaspoons – tablespoons. If you think about it, you will never consume three tablespoons of sugar multiple times a week. So, why drink soda?

Child drinking soda

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2Sugar Content in Sodas Lead to a Number of Body Issues

The sugar content alone is the reason to ditch your soda habits. The high sugar content in sodas leads to a number of body issues. If you drink sodas only once or twice a week, you don’t really have a problem, but if you make it a habit to consume them every day, you have an addiction. Quitting sodas also gives you withdrawal symptoms from ditching caffeine, especially if you drink sodas everyday.

Sugar Content in Sodas

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3Ditching Soda Will Lower Your Blood Pressure

Did you know that caffeine really elevates your blood pressure, and you will notice a significant and healthy drop in your blood pressure if you ditch this habit? Basically, cutting back on the soda can keep your heart healthier as it doesn’t have to work so hard. A 2011 study revealed people who drink more than one serving a day of sugary sodas had higher blood pressure than people who consumed a single serving everyday. So, if you plan on cutting down, you know where to begin.

Pancreatic Cancer Linked To Drinking Soda.

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4High Amount of Calories in Sodas

Did you know that 355 ml of sodas has about 140 calories? The American Heart Association confirms that the maximum amount of added sweetener you can consume in a day cannot surpass 100 calories for women, and 150 calories for men. The process for making soda involves a substantial amount of added sugars which also means that you consume a very unhealthy amount of sugar every time you order a glass of soda.

High Amount of Calories in Sodas

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5A Better Sleep Habit

You might have heard that caffeine affects your sleep pattern. The more caffeine you consume the lesser sleep you will get. Doctors relentlessly advise against drinking sodas more than twice a week, as it affects your health and causes insomnia. Do you know that the half-life for caffeine in your system lasts around six hours. If you drink a standard serving of soda with more than 250 mg of caffeine at 5 pm, half of the caffeine will stay in your system till 11 pm. This will, of course, lead you to lose sleep.


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