What happens when you quit drinking?

So many people decide to quit drink but are unable to do it. This is because there are many facets of the quitting phenomenon and they are unable to cope with all of the simultaneously. Moreover, quitting is also a test of one’s endurance. The beginning itself is extremely difficult. However, the pain and the suffering should be regarded as a transitional phase after which you will become a completely new person.


1 The First Day

If you have become dependent on alcohol then the first day of quitting will be the hardest. You will suffer from exhaustion, dehydration, nausea, laziness and lack of motivation. But since you have decided to quit, you will have a purpose as well. The best way to go through this day is to plan something exciting in advance like watching a movie with your girlfriend, going for a ride on you bicycle or simply grabbing the DVD of your favorite comedy. You may also treat yourself to the best homemade pizza you can dream of. You can plan just about anything that will keep your mind busy.

The First Day

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2 The First Week

The first week can be different for people with different levels of addiction and dependency on alcohol. If you are severely addicted then this week will be the hardest. It is also very important to note that most of the would-be quitters start drinking again during the first week. However, there is a silver lining too: If you are able to go through with the first week, there are chances that things will start getting better for you. It is possible to pass this week through the sheer strength of your enthusiasm, however, if you start having extreme symptoms including tremors and fever, you should immediately seek medical assistance.

The First Week

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3 The First Month

The first week was the worst. If you have passed the first week, you can believe that you will be able to do it after all. You will also start to reap the benefits of an increased level of energy and a way too clear head. Your self-esteem will also get a boost.

This is the temptation zone. You will be longing for the booze but it will not be a craving like it used to be in the first week. You will also be able to sleep in a proper manner that will rest your mind as well as your body. You will also feel a notable change in your digestion process. In fact, your entire immune system will improve, and you will begin to feel this improvement.

The First Month

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4 The First Six Months

This is the period when things have started to pick up. The first six months see the best transitions. If you have successfully entered the six-month stage then, you may call yourself a recovering alcoholic. All the bad things that you used to do when you were drunk, would begin to look foreign. One more important thing will happen during this phase: You will start to feel the effects of the adjustments to your lifestyle that you had initiated as a recovering alcoholic. This is also the time when you will realize how much you have been missing in your life due to your addiction. You will make a commitment never to become that person again.

The First Six Months

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5 Beyond the First Six Months

During the post 6-month period, you will still be required to strengthen your will power. You still need to find tasks and things that would keep your mind of your craving for alcohol. During the same period, you will also be required to deal with the aftermath of quitting. You can relocate to another place, find new friends and start all over again. If you do decide to move, make sure that you don’t leave any loose ends. Apologize to people with whom you have behaved badly when you used to be drunk. Remember, holding a grudge against anyone is never a good idea. When you have forgiven someone, your own healing will start. Live and let go.

Beyond the First Six Months

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