What happens when you press your fingers at specific places? – It cures other ailing parts of your body

Pressure points technique to cure ailment is an ancient technique. Also known as Jin Shin Jyutsu – it is an old timey expression of the Japanese craft of repairing, which helps you to adjust your feelings, on account of the stimulation of a few focuses on your face.


The basics of this instruction are upon the associated guideline – each finger on your hand is joined with a certain organ which coordinates a certain feeling.

This is an interesting and straightforward system for coordination of the entire body. If you burn through 15 minutes a day, you will liberate yourself from a substantial number of the dilemmas in your biological body. Discover how you can do that.


1 Thumb

Organs related to thumb are the stomach and spleen. When you put pressure on the thumb, you can get rid of ailments connected to the 2 organs. Problems like stomach ache, skin issues like dryness of skin, too much oil secretion and day to day skin problems can be solved in just matter of minutes.

Even complex and serious problems like migraine, severe headaches and hypochondria can be made ineffective with continuous and rigorous following of the pressure treatment. By doing so, you can also control emotions like nervousness, gloom and concern.


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2 Index Finger

The index finger when pressured affects the organs such as kidneys and bladder. Putting pressure on index finger treats ailments such as digestion issues, urinary problems. It also helps relieving toothache, back pains and also various muscle problems.


When pressure is put on index finger, issue with feelings like perplexity and apprehension can be dealt accordingly.

Index Finger

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3 Middle Finger

The very famous middle finger contains all the cures to problems such as vision issues, headaches, problems with blood and menstrual problems in women. The organs that get affected with pressure points on the middle finger are liver and nerve bladder.

The feelings that can be regulated with the middle finger are uncertainty, anger and outrage along with sensibility.

Middle Finger

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4 Ring Finger

The ring fingers in which wedding rings go are responsible for organs such as lungs and digestive tract. Putting pressure on the finger eases ailments such as respiration issues, asthma, skin related problems and also problems started by digestion.


Putting optimal pressure on the ring finger also controls emotions such as concern, fear of dismissal, distress and extreme anxiety.

Ring Finger

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5 Little Finger

Finally the little finger of the hand turns out to be connected to the most important organ of the body, the heart. Along with the heart, the finger is also connected to the intestines. This means spending a little time on pressuring your little pinkie finger will save you lots of problems such as heart illness, problem with flatulence.

Using this technique on the Little Finger also resolves problems with bones of your body, irritation of throat.

Similarly it can help you get rid of tension, concern and worrisome feelings that always stop you from living your life to fullest. It can also help you boost your self-confidence, so that you can attain success with ease.

Little Finger

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