What happens when someone goes into coma?

The word Coma is derived from the Greek meaning of deep sleep. Whenever this word is mentioned, everyone pictures a person lying on a hospital bed with an oxygen mask on his/her face and lots of machinery attached to their body.

No one should undergo the condition under any circumstances, but it is difficult to fathom what exactly the person undergoes when he/she slips in a coma or is put into a medical coma. Also mostly people confuse people in coma as same as people under really deep sleep.

But be assured that coma is a very serious condition and it has nothing to do with sleep of any kind. If you are curious enough, here is what happens when a person goes into a coma.

1 What is the state of coma?

The state of coma is a state of unconsciousness in which a person: cannot be awakened, fails to respond in normal manner to any painful stimuli, light or sound. The person is also unable to initiate voluntary actions and does not have a normal wake-sleep cycle.


There are two types of coma; normal coma and medically induced coma. Normal coma is distinguished as where the medical community is unable to help the person and the situation is beyond the control of medical professionals. Whereas, medically induced coma is induced by medical professionals so that the patient’s injuries can heal in an environment that is under their control.

What is the state of coma?

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