What happens to your body when you eat unripe bananas

Bananas are known to contain great amounts of starch and the green unripe bananas are known to be much starchier than the ripe bananas. However, it is to be noted that the starch contained by unripe bananas is known to be resistant starch. The resistant starch is known to be digested in a different way than the normal starch. In usual cases, the starch is broken down into several particles, but in green bananas, the starch remains intact. There are various health benefits that resistant starch has to offer. It helps in great weight reduction. Now how does that happen? The fiber in unripe bananas helps to increase the level of satiety that leads to less consumption of calories and reduction of weight as well.

1 Helps in burning of fat from the body

According to researches, it has been proven that the resistant starch, which is present in green unripe bananas, also helps to increase the rate of fat burning. This is because the body does not use the carbohydrate as fuel. When the body cannot use the carbohydrate it uses the fat in replacement. Resistant starch also helps to reduce the level of insulin in the body and also prevents glucose from entering the cells of our body.

Helps in burning of fat from the body

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2 Helps in keeping the digestive tract clean

Apart from helping in reducing weight, green bananas also help in keeping the digestive tract absolutely clean and healthy. The fiber in bananas helps in smooth evacuation of feces and also keeps the digestive tract healthy with the help of probiotic bacteria. Probiotic bacteria in unripe green bananas also help in diarrhea as well as colon problems. This even reduces the chances of having colon cancer and leads to better absorption of calcium.

Helps in keeping the digestive tract clean

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