Did you Know This? Here’s What Happens to Your Body If You Stop Wearing Underwear!

The thought of walking around without wearing underwear might seem odd because for many of us, wearing underwear is kind of like a natural routine. But what many people aren’t aware of is the fact that not wearing underwear can actually be more beneficial, mainly for your intimate area.


Going commando has more surprising benefits than you realize. Here are 10 such benefits you gain from not wearing your underwear.

1 Your intimate area will be less prone to sensitivity and allergies

Panties among many clothes contain artificial fabrics, colors, chemicals which can easily trigger an allergic reaction. Such a reaction can cause rashes, irritation, bumps, and blisters. By choosing to go commando you can stop your intimate area from becoming overly sensitive and even prevent allergic reactions.

Female underwear

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2Air is allowed to flow freely

Underwear tends to restrict the airflow down there. In fact, underwear made out of synthetic fabric doesn’t allow air to enter or exit at all and this in no way is good for your nether regions. Not wearing underwear can promote the free flow of air through your nether region and prevents excess moisture from being built up in this area.

Air is allowed to flow freely

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3Circulation in your lower part improves

Some underwear can make you feel too tight and uncomfortable. Such underwear can even pinch your skin and cause itchiness. They can leave imprints on your skin around your inner thigh. This will affect circulation in your lower region as well. The discomfort caused by the underwear tightly sticking to your skin can disrupt the circulation in your lower area. You can avoid all of this and improve circulation in your lower part by simply not wearing underwear.

Circulation in your lower part improves

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