What Happens If You Read While on the Toilet?

7Phone addiction

Excessive phone use can harm us in a lot of ways. For example, it can lower your self-esteem, develop anxiety, and increase depression. Above all, you can get addicted to your mobile. When you get into such a habit, you will not feel comfortable without your phone. Pooping time is just to get things done and relax, but it won’t be the same if you want to get a feel-good experience with your phone on your toilet. At some points, you may feel that your phones are trying to consume you. That’s not a good feeling at all.

Phone addiction

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8Wastage of time

According to different kinds of researches, we all spend more than 90 minutes every day on our phones. While calculating, these 90 minutes per day can become many years that you are only wasting on your phone. Apart from using phones, reading on the toilet also wastes an equal amount of time. As a result, you can get distracted from your normal life and jobs. Furthermore, you could be spending your valuable time more and more in the toilet when you should be working.

Wastage of time

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9You’re using the toilet only to avoid things

It’s not surprising that most people just use phones on the toilet or read books to conquer negative feelings and emotions. Reading on the toilet or using the phone on the toilet can be an easy way to combat boredom. Conversely, it can harm your mental health to a great extent. But luckily, some people may have positive results from this habit. For example, some may cope with stressful situations more easily. If you’re using the phone in the toilet to avoid any situation or stress, it will not work for long.

You're using the toilet only to avoid things

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10It can restrict blood flow

Sitting on the toilet for too long can become a major problem for you, especially if you have blood flow issues. While reading your favorite books on the toilet, you can forget that this particular position is restricting the blood flow near your anus area. And so, problems like hemorrhoids will only get worse with this unnecessary habit.

It can restrict blood flow

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