What Happens If You Read While on the Toilet?


Swollen veins in the lower part of your anus and rectum are known as hemorrhoids. People with a 30-minute bathroom session may be more exposed to hemorrhoids than others. These hemorrhoids can bleed and they can be very painful and itchy. Is it great to develop hemorrhoids because you like to read or use the phone on the toilet? It’s not a good habit. When you spend more time on the toilet seat, it increases the pressure in the lower abdominal area, causing many problems like hemorrhoids.


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5Stress and distraction

Reading on the toilet will not only distract you from the rest of your activities but will keep your brain in a state of tension. Meditation and exercises can be great ways to take a break during your busy day, not the 30 minutes you are spending inside the toilet. You will carry the external word stress in the toilet with your phone or any paper, meaning that there you don’t have any sort of free time for yourself. Meanwhile, experts believe that stress can lead to constipation.

Stress and distraction

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6Damaging your phone and books

Health and safety issue follows you into the toilet if you are not ready to leave them outside. Many people have experienced such incidents where they dropped their electronic gadgets like a phone in the toilet. And this can destroy your important phones or gadgets. Plus, it can ruin your handwashing routine. Of course, phones are always a great spot for germs and bacteria to thrive.

Damaging your phone and books

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