What Happens If You Read While on the Toilet?

Lack of time has led modern-age people to some very strange habits, one of which is carrying and exploring things to the toilet. Several recent studies have proved that people of the present age prefer to take a magazine, newspaper, or mobile while being in the toilet. Reading on the can has become a very common thing for us today. But have you ever tried to know what negative effects this can have on us? Well, experts believe that it can be very bad for your health.


Knowing that we would like to warn you about the dangers of spending more than 15 minutes in your toilet with the following points:


As your body becomes accustomed to working in the bathroom with long and unnatural timescales, this habit can lead you to constipation. If you have an urge to do it again, you can return to the toilet. However, you should not spend more than 15 minutes while pooping. When you do, or poop for more than 15 minutes, it indicates constipation. If you are constipated, make sure that you try to spend 15 minutes in the toilet at the same time every day to relax your digestive muscles.


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2It can wreck up the body’s pooping process

Probably the most important thing we all do is to remove food from our bodies in the form of feces. We all want to rest while excreting from the body and that is why we sit on the toilet seat for a long time. Though you may enjoy the time on the toilet seat, it can ruin your body’s pooping process. This habit confuses your body as to what it should do, which can lead you to additional medical issues. Above all, sitting on the toilet for more than 10 minutes puts more pressure on your anus and rectum.

It can up the body's pooping process

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3Your mobile transfer germs very quickly

It would not be an exaggeration to say that our phones become playgrounds for germs, especially if we use them in the toilet. Mobiles can move the germ from their surfaces to multiple areas while wiping. Besides, they can catch germs from all bathroom surfaces even when you’re washing your hands. Researches have proved that phones spread MRSA superbug in healthcare surroundings very quickly.

Your mobile transfer germs very quickly

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