Look what happened when hot water was poured on the apple

Apples are known to be one of the most common and well-loved fruits that are found in every household. They are known to be fresh and healthy. As the proverb goes, “An Apple a day, keeps the doctor away”, people love to eat apples to stay healthy. People go to the stores to buy apples and feel that they have done the best thing for their kids and family. However this is what the real truth is about apples. Think about it, next time you eat apples from the store. An experiment was conducted by pouring boiling water over a store apple and the scary truth was exposed.


1 What was the truth?

In order to keep the apples fresh and red, months after they were plucked, apples were coated with a thick layer of wax. These waxes were produced by some companies that comprised of fungicides, processed plastics as well as other petroleum products. The worst part was the use of morpholine. The World Health Organization conducted a research where N-nitrosomorpholine, which was a well known carcinogen, was being transformed. The presence of nitrate which is commonly found in out diet usually causes this transformation and human beings who were known to consume this morpholine in large amounts were said to be under the threat of cancer. Though the European countries banned this chemical, the other countries continued to use the same.

What was the truth?

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2 What happens to an apple that is covered with wax?

Many apples are covered with harmful wax and this is what happens as a consequence. The apple initially look shiny but it always holds a dark secret. Take a look at the apple and then bite the apple. Do you feel that it tastes a little different? You can test your apple to check whether it has wax or not. First, place the apple in a bowl of water and you would soon see the true face of the apple. The fruit companies usually apply coat of wax on the apples to increase their shelf life. Heat a cup of hot water and slowly start pouring hot water on the apple little by little. The results will simple awe you. A Shiny coat of wax is put in the apple so that it looks shiny and fresh and attractive as well. Take a look at the following video and you will be shocked.


Now, you must be feeling bad about choosing such apples for your family, but fret not, as we are going to tell you as to how you can buy safe produce and also how to wash the apples in a way that the wax gets removed. Hop onto the next pages for further information.

3 The truth is now revealed

As the hot water is poured on the apple, the apple slowly reveals its true shape. This wax is extremely harmful when it is consumed by us. If you want to remove the wax, there is an easy way to remove the same. Try out the different ways of removing the wax from the apple.

 The truth is now revealed

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4 Removing the wax from the apple

You should always follow this step for all apples that are brought from the store as nowadays all apples are said to be adulterated. Before you take a bite from the apple, mix one tablespoon of lemon juice and baking powder in a glass of warm water. Then bathe the apple in a mixture and scrub the outer layer to remove the wax so that the apple looks fresh and clean. Apples are generally known to produce a substance that looks like wax but this is completely edible. Some of the food grades are made of petroleum products; however petroleum is not good for the body.

Removing the wax from the apple

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5 What you need to do about buying apples?

What do you need to do if you want to have fresh and pure apples? Buy your apples from either the local farmers’ store or the market or local stands. Even if there is some wax on the apple,this is the natural wax that is created by the fruit itself to seal the moisture content and retain the same. If you buy the apple from the store then make sure to clean and wash them properly and also wipe them dry before eating them. This should be done with all fruits and vegetables that you buy from the store as most of the fruits and vegetables contain this wax. So, be careful while buying fruits and vegetables and always wash them up properly before eating.

 What you need to do about buying apples?

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