What does your nose shape says about you?

Facial features tell lots of things about a person. From the color of the eyes to the eyebrows, from length of fingers to type of hands every body type is an indicator of things related to us.


One such body part that tells us lots about our personality is our nose. Experts say someone can tell things like what kind of person you are just by looking at your nose. The shape of the nose, whether it is straight, slanted or pointed experts say that even the smallest thing tells quite a lot about how the person behaves and acts.

Now read what different types of noses tell about people.


1 Straight Nose

It is very attractive to have a straight nose. People having classical straight or narrow nose are perceived to be people who inspire others a lot. These people are also great workers due to their very excellent organisational skills.

You will want these types of people beside you in times of crisis because they are very good at managing things under pressure. Also people with straight noses have the coolest heads when in situation of panic. They always think logically and know that emotions are better kept to oneself. They prove to be very effective in workspace.

Straight Nose

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2 Wide nose

People who have wide of extended noses prove themselves better at leadership skills. They have very robust personalities, but still have very cool minds. Such kind of people has the excellent abilities to guide other people with their charm and speaking skills.


People with wide noses are very reasonable when it comes to thinking for solutions. They do not make any kind of hurried decisions. In workspace, these people are great at inspiring others and organised in their way of working.

Wide nose

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3 Fleshy nose

A fleshy nose is slender at the root, but at the complete length is growing, at the end is snub. People who have such nose are perceived to be very aggressive. They are perceived in such a way because of their way of thinking.

People with fleshy noses are very clever and give quick reactions to situations as they are adept at thinking very fast. They speak whatever comes to their minds first and hence sometimes perceived as aggressive. But with the quick thinking comes a very caring personality and they care about others a lot.


Nice people to have as life partners.

Fleshy nose

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4 Snub nose

People with small and snub noses are known for ample amount of calmness and kindness. These people are also very optimistic in nature and always find something good in even the toughest of situations.

Others love having such people around themselves as they radiate positivity all the time and they also love to receive all the care such people give to others. Also people who have sub noses love to experiment and are open to new challenges.


They are always enthusiastic about trying different things and prove to be very open in trying adventurous positions sexually with their partners, but are very faithful to one they commit themselves for once.

Snub nose

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5 Curved nose

People who have curved nose which is slightly curved downwards like hooked beak, don’t believe in taking the beaten path. They are usually content on going their own way and forging legacies that are completely different from others.


Rebellious in nature, they do not react kindly to advice from others and follow anyone else’s footsteps. They are also very happiest when they are working with a single minded focus on achieving their goals. They don’t care about what is said about them either behind their backs or to their faces and have very strong beliefs, which they stick to quite strongly.

So now get a mirror and see which type matches your nose shape and find out something new about yourself.

Curved nose

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