What does your face tells you about your health?

As yellow color in eyes, sometimes indicates problems in liver; many of our body parts can relate to problems in other parts.


The Chinese understood this thing since ancient times and believed that the organs of our body are interconnected. And they also believed that when something happens to one part of the body, the body as a whole should be treated and not the part alone.

This technique is called the Chinese face mapping technique or the Mien Shiang.


1 What is Chinese Face Mapping technique?

The Chinese Face mapping technique or the Mien Shiang translates to reading the face. When one of our largest organs, the skin starts to show signs of something happening to it, it indicates that some part of our body is not functioning properly and needs treatment.

This sort of imbalance shows its sign on our face and we may not be aware of what’s wrong with us.
Chinese medicine says that each part of our face represents an organ of our body. If something gets affected inside us, it tends to show on our face. Examples of such ailments are acne, rashes, pigmentation and wrinkles.

What is Chinese Face Mapping technique

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2 Face mapping and skin conditions

Forehead: Bladder and intestines


Cause: Intake of too much fatty substance, intake of alcohol and late nights resulting in burdened digestive system.

Face mapping and skin conditions

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Remedy: Take plenty of raw foods, no alcohol and lots of water. Clean your body of waste and see the difference.

Mid Brow: Liver

Mid Brow

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Cause: Heavy diet, consumption of meat and a stressed digestive system.


Remedy: Meditation, Yoga, eating fresh food and drinking lots pure water

3 Temple and Brows: Kidneys

Cause: Excessive tobacco use, alcohol consumption, high fat and meat consumption coupled with a possibly weak heart.


Remedy: Drink lots of water to clear and regulate your kidneys. Cut off sugar, caffeine and alcohol and be hydrated all the time.

Nose: Heart


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Cause: Poor blood circulation, bloating, indigestion, constipation and high blood pressure.

Remedy: Use organic green tea to keep your body free of toxins. Keep a check on your blood pressure and see that it stays in acceptable range. Also eat food with low fat and low cholesterol.

4 Upper Cheeks: Lungs

Cause: Problems like difficulty in breathing, pollution, asthma will affect the upper cheeks. Also dark circles will form in this area.

Upper Cheeks

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Remedy: try and keep away from smoke, pollution. And if you smoke, stop it and start exercising.

5 Mouth and Chin: Stomach

Cause: A diet rich in fats, sugar, caffeine and alcohol. The area is also prone to seasonal eating and hormonal imbalance.

Mouth and Chin

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Remedy: Detox your body by eating lots of green vegetables and drinking lots of water. Seek medical advice for hormonal imbalance if problem persists.

6 Jawline and Neck: Hormones

Jawline and Neck

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Cause: Can be caused by your body fighting bacteria, stress or change in eating habits and living conditions. Can also be caused of you are ovulating.

Remedy: Omega 3-6-9 tablets and a clean living area along with Yoga and light exercise will help a lot.

Ears: Kidney


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Cause: Too much caffeine, spicy food, salt and low intake of water.

Remedy: Simple. Stay off excess salt, spices and drink lots of water.


7 Understanding the Chinese Mapping technique

The Chinese mapping technique should be used as a guide to find out what is making you sick. It is in no means a full and final solution provider to your ailments.

One has to factor in things like allergies, environment, hygiene, genetics, previous medication and lifestyle; but the Chinese mapping technique gives a running start when it comes to understanding your body and its problems.

Understanding the Chinese Mapping technique

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