What does excessive tanning imply about your behavior as a whole?

Most of us look our best all through the year. But there is a specialty of the summer season that women are most excited about. You can ditch the sweaters and coats and put on your bikini and beach wears. It is the time of the year when you can attain the bronze and the tanned body. Are you planning to get the tanned look as well?


1 The market is flooded with plethora of tanning products

If you look into the market, you will find that there are tons of tanning creams and lotions available. It is more prevalent in the western nations where people have the craze for the bronze skin tone. The popularity is so much that there are tanning salons functioning in different parts of the world so that people can attain the look they desire without the exposure of the sun.

The market is flooded with plethora of tanning products

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2 Do you consider excessive tanning a good thing?

Is tanning really a good thing for your health? It is true that there are many who seek the aid of the indoor tanning salons. Several researches and studies have been conducted related to the effects and implications of tanning especially on women and you will be surprised to know about the outcomes and the results.

Do you consider excessive tanning a good thing

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3 You might develop mood disorders

According to the new research, ladies who use the indoor tanning salons or parlors have the possibility of developing more mood related issues and other health issues when compared to the other women who don’t undergo the artificial tanning in the parlors. The result is shocking but this is the reality.

You might develop mood disorders

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4 Increased level of stress and depression is visible

When compared to the usual women population who doesn’t opt for the artificial tanning, women interesting in the regime are found to be self-obsessed with their appearance. They seem to be too conscious with their real or imaginary beauty flaws. Such behavior leads to depression and high levels of stress and anxiety.

Researchers and scientists from all over the world are studying matters related to excessive tanning and its outcomes on people. Evidences have proved that women who are involved in excessive tanning develop mental distress and emotional disability gradually over the years of undergoing the artificial process.

Increased level of stress and depression is visible

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5 Why do people undertake the tanning process?

Researches were done to find out why people opt for tanning? According to the results of the research it was found that people go for the tanning because every individual has the desire to look good and give a high value to their appearance. It basically streams out of the mood or the desire to look different and better from others. There is a
sense of competition in every person.

Why do people undertake the tanning process?

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6 Do you feel something is wrong with your appearance?

It has been often found out that individuals who want to get tanned go for excessive tanning and even don’t feel satisfied with it and feel that he/she should go for more tanning. This is an unusual behavior which is not very different from the dysmorphic disorder. Such patients always have the feeling that there is something wrong with the way they look and it can never be fixed.


Elevated levels of stress and seasonal behavioral disorder are very common among the women of all ages undergoing the tanning process in a parlor. Excess of anything is never considered a good thing. The same is the case with excessive tanning. People going for the excess of it indicate that they are suffering from deeper emotional or mental issues.

Do you feel something is wrong with your appearance?

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7 You must consult a doctor for medical treatment of your emotional distress

The whole aspect is the sign that something is not going right in your very system. You simply cannot consider it as unimportant and take it as a bad phase and ignore it. Such small nibbles should never be taken for granted as it is always done by majority of us. It is the sign that you are a patient of emotional distress or behavioral disorder and must pay a visit to the doctor for immediate medical review.

You must consult a doctor for medical treatment of your emotional distres

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Are you scared reading the article about the concept of excessive tanning and its possible deeper implications? You must analyze and evaluate the whole process on yourself as well while you are planning to get tanned and display your bronze skin tone. Are you facing any similar behavioral disorders or emotional stress? In case you are experiencing the same feelings, it is best to get in touch with a doctor and get things examined.


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