What Different Colors of Urine Indicate About Your Health According to Doctors?

As a child, you presumably learned that your urine color tells you something about your hydration levels. But has your water intake ever been examined to see if you’re getting enough of it? If you’re interested in using your urine as a health indicator, you’ll be happy to know that peeking into your toilet can reveal more than just your hydration levels! The different colors of your urine are good indicators of your current health condition. Here is what you need experts have to say about the color of your pee.


Doctors are eager to explain what your urine color can say about your health

Mount Sinai’s Vice Chair of Urology, Ketan Badani, is a prominent figure in the field. There’s no doubt in mind that he has extensive knowledge about how pee functions in the human body. When questioned about what can be learned from the color of pee, he was more than eager to provide some answers. That being said It isn’t just the opinion of doctors but a general opinion and rather a scientific fact that the color of urine indicates certain parameters of health.


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Yellow urine is a sign that you are healthy

It is common knowledge that yellow urine is a sign of a healthy body. You want your pee to be in the yellow range, but the exact tint can vary quite a bit. You don’t have to worry about guzzling down bottles of water if your pee is absolutely clean. Usually, the color of normal urine is a straw color or pale yellow.

Yellow urine

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Cloudy urine is an indicator of various health issues

Cloudy urine is mainly caused by when you don’t hydrate your body sufficiently. Cloudy urine may also result from an excess of white blood cells produced by sexually transmitted infections (STIs), urinary tract infections, kidney stones, or if there are high amounts of minerals in the urine. The cloudy color of urine even indicates that the kidneys have been harmed by uncontrolled diabetes. Prostate issues cause a buildup of white blood cells or other discharge from an inflamed or infected prostate that can cause the urine to become cloudy.

Cloudy urine

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Clear urine means you’re drinking more water than you should each day

Drinking too much water can deplete your body with electrolytes, which is not a good thing. Urine that seems clear from time to time isn’t a cause for alarm, but urine that appears clear every time you urinate could signal that you need to reduce your water intake. Cirrhosis and viral hepatitis can also cause clear urine. You should contact a doctor if you aren’t drinking enough water and your pee is consistently clean.

Clear urine

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