What can your toes reveal about your personality?

The shape of the foot is not insignificant. It is able to reveal a lot about your personality, health status and the state of mind of a person.
This may seem strange and until now the shape of our feet and toes still have some secrets. So find out in this article what can it says about you!


1 Foot Types:

The Egyptian foot :
This is the most common foot. It is characterized by a big toe bigger than the other fingers.
The roman foot:
For this type of foot we can notice that the first 3 fingers are all aligned.
The Greek foot:
This is the type of foot that comes after the Egyptian foot. The big toe is smaller than the second toe.
The second is larger and longer than all other toes.

Foot Types

Image Source : s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com


2 Your second toe is longer than the other toes:

This indicates that you have leadership qualities. A person who has this type of foot is more active that other people more talented and creative. You are a person that loves to always move around and has a large capacity to train people.

Your second toe is longer than the other toes

Image Source : http://upload.wikimedia.org/


3 A regular foot with a third toe that forms an angle:

People with this kind of toe have the natural ability to deceive and the propensity to be misunderstood. This type of toe is commonly found among spies.
A person with this type of foot has an outgoing and social personality, always ready to travel and discover new cultures and undertake unusual intellectual experiences.

A regular foot with a third toe that forms an angle

Image Source: 6397one.files.wordpress.com


4 People with a tiny little toe:

It indicates a childish character, with a great playful sense.

People with a tiny little toe

Image Source: www.positivehealth.com


5 The second toe of the left foot leans towards the big toe:

This type of toe is the sign of a nostalgic and sentimental personality.

6The little toe has the ability to form an angle

It indicates an unconventional nature. Being able to move your little toe means agitation and a constant need for change.

The little toe has the ability to form an angle

Image Source : http://www.wikihow.com/

The diversity of origins:

We need to consider the diversity of origins, since almost all races are mixed during the last 500 years. Very few lines remain ‘pure’.
Egypt is in Africa, so for those who have African origins, it is advisable to check the type of Egyptian toe.
Some people may wonder why the Hispanic and Asian feet are not included in this article, but the answer is obvious … All people of Hispanic or Asian descents are not the same. For example, the Hispanic foot is not the same for people from both Spain and Mexico, as well as the feet of a South Korean that would not be the same as those of a Chinese or a Japanese.


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