What Can Lead To a Heart Attack and How You Can Avoid It

A Northwestern University study found that rather than men, women faced a bigger risk of getting a stroke. However, men had a higher risk of heart attack. A 45-year-old woman has a 4.1% chance of a stroke or heart attack in their future lifetime provided there are no risk factors involved. With two or more triggers or risk factors, that number increases to 30.7%. There are a number of reasons that could cause such a problem and that could be anything from cold weather to mental distress and even bad air. Here are the factors that could lead to a heart attack so that you can prevent them.


1 Emotional distress

Research at McMaster University Canada involving patients who had first-time heart attacks worldwide proved that certain triggers other than bad habits, weight and age played a role in heart attacks. The findings were based upon questions asked if the participants faced any of the triggers within the same one hour before their heart attacks.

Emotional distress

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Stress and emotional distress can trigger heart attacks in some people

Andrew Smyth author of the study declared that emotional and physical when
xperienced in extremes can have similar effects on the body. Such triggers can alter blood flow and reduce
the hearts blood supply. Such patients are advised to avoid excessively stressful situations.

Emotional distress can trigger heart attacks

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2Bad air quality

The same study found that over 16,000 people examined by the researchers suffered three different types of heart attacks. The study tried to find which heart attack was the most common during the time the air quality was particularly bad.

Bad air quality

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Bad air quality triggers the most dangerous heart attack

The study found a big connection between the most dangerous type of heart attack and poor air quality. This cemented the conclusion that bad air quality can trigger really dangerous heart attacks in certain people. The scientists advise that one should make country trips and go out of town as frequently as possible.

Bad air quality triggers heart attack

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3Divorce and heart attack

A Carolina Institute study showed that there is a big link between divorce and high risk of heart attacks. There is an 18% risk of heart attacks in divorced patients in comparison to patients who are married.

Divorce and heart attack

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Single and widowed men are a high-risk factor

Research author Joel Omm said that men who were widowed or single also possess a greater risk of heart attacks than women who shared the same status. Scientists advise that family and marital problems are best solved peacefully without making them critical.

Widowed men

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