What are the causes of pain in the heels while you are in motion?

Do you often experience pain in the heels? Most of the times we tend to ignore the phase of less pain and only pay heed when matters become worse. If your heels are paining, then there are reasons for it and you need to know about them so that you don’t blindly ignore the pain till it becomes unbearable. Though there may be various causes of pain in the heels, there are various ways in which it can be handled. They can be handled with medicines, traction and exercises. Take a look at the major reasons on why we experience pain in the heels.


1 The various causes of pain in the heels


A major cause of pain in the heels may be severe arthritis. That may be either rheumatoid as well as osteoarthritis. Arthritis occurs with old age, but apart from that, it can be genetic also. The heel is the most important place where pain may occur in the very beginning, as it is a sensitive place, which is always in use while walking.


People who have flat foot are also prone to severe pain in the heels as the whole body weight falls on the heels. Ankle injuries can also damage the cartilage of your feet and also be the cause of arthritis. Since arthritis is a natural process that causes inflammation in the feet, the best way is to treat it naturally by a healthy diet full of calcium as well as exercises, which are ideal for the same.

The various causes of pain in the heels

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2 Sudden fracture in the feet

Heels pain may also occur due to a sudden fracture in the feet due to playing or missing a sudden step. There are many times when while walking you suddenly miss a step because you are thinking of something else. This may result in great pain in the feet as well as in the heels. The sudden cause of your heels pain in motion can be eradicated if you walk carefully or if you regularly perform exercises that are good for your feet.

Sudden fracture in the feet

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3 Plantar fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is basically an inflammation that occurs in the plantar fascia. Plantar fascia is the tissue that connects the foot from the toe to the heel and it is the most common cause of heel pain as well. It also occurs in people who regularly exercise and walk as well as run frequently. The pain increases in the morning when you wake up and gradually decreases with time. It again regains its position when you are resting or lying down. In order to get rid of the same you need to stretch the tendons by flattening out your legs. There are variety of exercises as well like taking a towel, and placing it around your heel and pulling the foot towards your body. You can also raise your heels.

Plantar fasciitis

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4 Sudden gain in the weight

Sometimes sudden weight gain in the body puts excessive pressure on the heels. It does not give our body time to adjust to the extra load and the whole weight is shifted to the heels which cannot bear the whole weight and thus starts paining. The connective tissues like the ligaments, tendons and fascia are not strong enough to carry the extra load and they over-stretch and cause pain in the heels. Heel pain can also suddenly occur when you may be running; jumping or walking through undulating surfaces and your feet does not touch the ground properly.

Sudden gain in the weight

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5 Because of your shoes

There are many times when you buy a new shoe but somehow the shoe does not fit you well and you cannot walk properly. Heel pains are also very common when you tend to wear high heel shoes and your feet do not fall in proper alignment. That is why it is strictly advised that high heel shoes should not be worn, as they tend to have a number of side effects as well. High heels shoes should specially be avoided if you are walking uphill or through a mountain. They tend to give pressure on the ligaments and sometimes even tear the same, causing severe pain in the heels as well as the ankles. High heels should also be avoided while running or exercising.

 Because of your shoes

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These are the various causes due to which heels pain in motion. Certain exercises as well as a healthy rich diet full of calcium can help get rid of the same. Some advises should also be followed in order to get rid of the pain in heels.


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