What are back acne and how to prevent and treat them?

Acne are no fun anywhere. Worst if they are on your face, but at least you know they are there and you can see them disappearing with time and treatment. But when the same acne appears on your back, you can only pray that they can be treated soon.


Most of time acne appear due to oily skin or dirt on skin blocking the pores of the skin. But do not fear, we are here with the causes of back acne and some prevention methods and treatments to get rid of these pesky acne.

1 What are back acne?

Acne can develop at any age and to anyone. Most common types are the face acne and back acne. Acne normally occur when the pores of the skin are clogged with dead skin cells and dirt. Acne lesions are also often known as pimples.


There can be many other causes for acne and especially back acne, which are discussed in brief detail on the next page.

What are back acne?

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2 How are they caused?

Main cause of back acne and most other types of acnes is a hormonal imbalance. For women, most of the time, acne occurs on the starting days of their periods. One other cause is genetics. If you have a history of acne in your family, be sure to know that you will have acne one day or another.

Next cause for back acne is the diet you follow. Eating too much of processed food, may cause you to have a break-out of acne. This is because processed food is full of chemicals and supplements that cause spike in your blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels leading to acne.


Some other causes are stress, depression and use of wrong kind of beauty products or bathing products, which may cause an outbreak of acne on face and back. But you can treat and prevent back acne from occurring if you follow and keep following the suggestions given on the upcoming pages.

How are they caused?

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3 Shower immediately after exercise

Take care to never leave sweat soaked clothes sticking to the skin. Excessive sweating, tightly fit clothes and fabric that do not have any kind of inlet and outlet for air to come and go, can cause acne on your back and other parts of the body.

Take a shower immediately after doing exercises or performing any activity in which you sweat a lot. Use a body wash which has pH balancer in it. Also use a sulphur based soap to remove every bit of oil residue from the body.

Shower immediately after exercise

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4 Don’t use scented laundry products

Try and not use laundry cleansers which have fragrances. The chemicals that enhance the fragrance tend to also make the skin dry, once the clothes are worn. The irritation caused by the dryness causes swelling and gives rise to acne.

Don’t use scented laundry products

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5 Be careful in choosing beauty products

All of the cosmetic products like shampoo, hair conditioners and various styling products contain comedogenic ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate, which helps in blocking the pores of skin and also help in excessive oil secretion resulting in frequent breakouts of acne and skin irritation.


So take care when you buy your beauty products and try to buy as gentle products as you can with minimal chemicals in them.

beauty products

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6 Visit a doctor for treatment

When the home treatments and over the counter medicines cease to help you in getting rid of the acne, it is time to call in the professionals.


A doctor needs to be consulted as early intervention by a doctor can prevent future scarring on the back due to acne. Many processes that are used to remove and treat face acne also works on the back acne. Treatments like microdermabrasion, antimicrobial glycolic acid chemical peels, red and blue light treatments can work wonders if back acne is treated in early stages.

Visit a doctor for treatment

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If you have any other alternative treatments for back acne, kindly do share in the comments section.


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