12 Weight Loss Tips That Work If Diets Don’t Help You Anymore

6Eat tasty food

After a long abstinence from tasty, sweet food our brains start telling us that even a small portion would give us the same satisfaction which a whole chocolate box would offer. So the dieticians have very cleverly recommended including a small portion of such “prohibited food items”. These safety valve mechanisms avoid any pent up food frustrations and stop you from binging one fine night and putting all the past hard work up for the toss.

Eat tasty food

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7Recalculate the caloric value of the food you eat

You must never forget your actual body type and weight before you embark upon a diet plan. If overweight women eat only 2000 kcal a day, they will lose weight but if a thin one follows the same patterns, her weight may increase instead. So calculate the calorific value of your food after every 10 pounds of weight loss.

Recalculate the caloric value

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8Keep a strict sleeping schedule

If you have a bad sleep cycle or erratic sleep habits, losing weight becomes equally difficult, though the reasons are many and complicated. In a nutshell, we can say that if the body is exhausted and stressed out, it leads to hunger and irregular metabolism. So try to sleep enough and finish the daily quota …easier said than done …yes but not impossible.

Keep a strict sleeping schedule

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9Count calories

If you are dieting without any strategy and plans and are losing weight but not supervising the calorie intact, Very soon the improvements would stop and might regress. So it’s smarter to always watch your calorie intakes you’re making every day and the food items being consumed.

Count calories

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10Take body characteristics into account

One must always analyze their food intake and the effect it has on your body. For example, you feel bloated during periods or after an alcohol binge in a bar. It is the result of the fluid retentions in your body and the body swells giving you the feeling that you have suddenly become fat overnight.

Fluid retentions in your body

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Keep an account of what foods have an effect on you

Carefully keep an account of the effect each food item has on you, especially the one which leads to water retention like tomatoes and grapes. So once you stop eating these items, your swelling goes away and therefore there is no need to panic. Instead of a weight machine, rely on measuring tapes for this one and you would see yourself progressing not regressing.

What Causes water Retention

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