12 Weight Loss Tips That Work If Diets Don’t Help You Anymore

Are you trying very hard but still not able to lose those stubborn kilos from your body? Well, it’s called the “The Plateau” effect which usually hits in after your body loses the initial 10% of body mass. You suddenly stop losing any more weight no matter how hard you exercise and regimented diet you follow. This leads to demotivation and most people just leave their pursuits. But just hang on as there are ways to tackle this “Plateau Effect” and keep decreasing the weights. These 12 tips may help you start losing weight when nothing else seems to work.


1 Start weight training

Weight training may seem a slow way to lose weight as against cardio workouts but if you are aiming for long-term weight loss and balanced metabolism, then weight training is the answer. This type of training boosts metabolism and does not allow the body to choose low energy consumption mode. Just keep in mind to eat extra protein after a workout, this would make your muscles stronger and you won’t get an inch of fat.

Start weight training

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2Change the caloric value during the week when on a diet

Our bodies are very smart and adapt to our dietary plans. It adapts itself for the future small amount of food and starts cutting down the energy consumption. The body actually adapts to every new living condition, conserving extra pounds, and it’s proven correct when we start taking low-calorie diets. Now in order to trick your smart metabolic system, one must use the caloric cycle at least 2 days a week. Eat at least 1000-1,200 kcal with no carbs and the remaining days eat 1500 kcal. This trick won’t let your body metabolism slowdown and will create the necessary calorific deficit too.

Change the caloric value during the week

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3How to see the difference between a real or imaginary plateau

During the beginning of the diet the body tends to lose a lot of fluids and subsequently you experience weight loss, but in reality to lose just 1 lb you need to have a staggering 3500 calorie deficit which would take time and patience. People wrongly take this slow period as their plateau and give up. In fact, this is the time to be patient and carry on the diet and avoid checking your weight every day rather once a week or twice a month which will really show your improvements in a grand way.

Difference between a real or imaginary plateau

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4Eat more protein and vegetables

Carbohydrates are your villain in the quest to lose weight. Make sure your diet is always rich in protein and fiber which fills your body and boosts the metabolism whereas carbohydrates increases insulin production which makes us hungry. So when hungry, have lean meat rather than sweet fruit.

Eat more protein and vegetables

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5Change the exercises you do

Our evolutionary history has taught us many things about survival and one such thing is to save your essential body resources at all cost. That’s why after some time, the human body starts to adapt to physical exercise and progress decreases. In order to stop that, one must keep switching exercising techniques regularly so that the body never falls into a rut. After every one or one and a half month, change your yoga programs to pilates, do a brand new exercise or train different body muscles. Also keep changing the weights that you use.

Change the exercises you do

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