12 Ways to Recover and Heal Faster From a Caesarian Section

9Use pads for vaginal bleeding

In spite of having a c-section, vaginal bleeding can occur as in the case of a natural delivery. This is known as lochia in the first-month post-childbirth and pads should be used for absorbing the blood. Do not use a tampon or douche as these could cause infection unless of course, your doctor tells you to. If you find excessive bleeding accompanied with a foul smell and fever, consult your doctor immediately.


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10Manage your emotions

A C-section delivery can take a toll on tour emotions especially in the aftermath. Firstly you should not feel guilty or ashamed in spite of what people may tell you as it is your body, your choice and your baby. To deal with any psychological or emotional issues associated with c-section childbirth, it is advisable to consult a therapist of group support. This helps avoid postpartum depression.


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11Taking care of a C-section scar?

There are many women who try to find the fastest ways to reduce the scar of a C section but in your desire to do this, do not resort to remedies that may make your skin worse. There are different types of scars that respond to different treatment. A skin scar can be closed by staples, surgical glue or stitches. Your doctor can advise you on how to reduce the scarring and heal it faster. Remember, there are certain things that can impact a scar like abdominal fat for instance.


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12The best way to deal with scar

Clean your scar with soap and water allowing it to drip on the wound. Never scrub but just pat the area gently. Dry with a soft towel. Keep the area exposed to air more often and wear loose clothing. Always keep your scar out of sunlight. You can ask your doctor if you can use petroleum jelly. There are silicone scar sheets that can flatten scars but these can be used after a month. Silicone gels and creams also have the same effect. But before applying them, consult with your doctor.


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