12 Ways to Avoid Period Cramps and Get Through That Time of the Month

Women all across the world have, one thing in common apart from being the fairer sex and elegant….well we all suffer period cramps which are ugly messy and very painful. This is a bane which every female has to tolerate every month for years all together and are expected to function perfectly in their jobs well as home like everyone else. By everybody else we obviously we mean men! But sweat no more as here 13 tricks which will ease the pain during those 5 critical days of the month so that you can survive and win over the ordeal like a warrior.


1 Heat application

It has been scientifically proven that an optimum temperature of 40 degrees centigrade or 104 degrees Fahrenheit can ease abdominal pain considerably. The pain is usually the result of reduced blood flow to your vital organs which results in tissue ruptures and hence the pain. The heat here works just like a painkiller tablet; it blocks all the pain receptors (P2x3). So get hold of a hot water bottle or heating patch and put it on your belly and lie down comfortably preferably with your knees up while the warmth slowly kills the pain.

Heat application

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2A warm bath

A warm bath is known to be a great muscle relaxer in any given day. It especially helps during those special days too. Just add some bath salts like lavender and dip yourself to the painless way of meditation.

Warm bath

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Add essential oils to make it more effective

In order to make the bath more effective you can add essential oils such as clary sage to reduce the pain, cinnamon or eucalyptus which reduces inflammation rose oil to calm you down and regulate the blood flow while chamomile and ylang-ylang can be added to relax muscles and reduce the pain induced irritation. It isn’t necessary to add all, just what works best for you.

Essential oils

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3Do a essential oil abdominal massage

Take any of the pain reducing essential oil and massage with your palms in large circles on your belly region. Make a heart shape movement around your naval by placing your middle and index fingers of both hands right above naval with a gentle pressure on your abdomen. Repeat 20-30 times.

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For back pain

You cannot ignore your back pain either so, place both the hands in either side of your back under your ribs. Start moving your hands in pressing movement till your taibones, repeat this for 30 times. Don’t forget to rub with both hands the lower belly which is the most painful part for 30 times. Lastly gently knead your belly for 30 times with your knuckles for about 30 seconds. You can prepare a special mixture for this message by mixing lavender, clary, sage and marjoram in the ratio of 2:1:1.

For back pain

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4Drink herbal tea

The herbal properties of chamomile or turmeric tea are well known for pains and cramps. That’s why they have been suggested by doctors for centuries.

Basically, herbal teas contain glucine which reduces the pain-spasm due to muscle contractions and relaxes the uterus. And the best part is the effect of these teas can last up to 48 hrs much more than any painkiller. Using Kratom Strains can also rapidly help relieve pain
Turmeric is anti-inflammatory, removes the spasm, has a calming effect and reduces bloating so here is the recipe for a magical tea which would have all the benefits we mentioned.

Drink herbal tea

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How to make it

Take 24g of grated turmeric root, 13g of a grated ginger root,1/4tsp ground cinnamon and add them all with pieces of ground black pepper. Add 80g honey and juice of ½ lemon. Mix the ingredients and store it in a jar and cool, it in the refrigerator. Now when you decide to make tea, tale 1 tsp of the mixture and mix with 170-230 ml of boiling water and finally add some pepper and drink it up and see the pain wash away.

Aromatic turmeric tea with black pepper

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