Ways through which you can ensure adequate water intake during winters

Summers are fun as you get to enjoy the evenings out till late, but winters call for “tied-up at home” evenings because of the low temperature. Both the seasons have their pros and cons but there is something you need to be extra careful about in winters – water intake.


On a summer day, you will automatically reach out for that glass of water but it is not the same when it comes to winters. It becomes difficult to keep yourself hydrated and increase water intake during winters, mostly because physical activities don’t tire you or sweat you out and you just assume you can reduce the intake of water.



Don’t forget that water not only keeps you hydrated but it helps your body function properly. Drinking water keeps your immune system up and running. Drinking water also increases metabolism and keeps you feeling full for longer time. Sure, we all understand the importance of water intake during winters and may even vouch to remember and follow it but, it could prove to be easier said than done. Here are some easy ways that will ensure you maintain a good amount of water intake during winters.

1 Hot beverages count

There is nothing as comforting as a hot tea or coffee on a cold winter morning. It is simply heavenly! You can replace the milk tea with black tea, as it increases metabolism and contributes in water intake. During the day, you could drink hot water with lemon and honey instead of trying to gulp down just water. Start your day with a glass of hot water and lime, this will not only keep you refreshed and energized but also help in weight loss and glowing skin. Make sure you drink water prior to any meal as this helps curb your appetite and keep pace with the health goal of ‘eight glasses of water a day.’

Hot beverages count

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2 You can also eat water!

No, we are not asking you to eat ice cubes! Several fruits and vegetables like Broccoli, Strawberries and melons have a high water content, which can help you reach water intake goals easily. Opt for low calorie soups for mid morning and evening snacks. The soups will keep you warm and satiated while keeping you hydrated. Eat or drink fresh and citrus fruit juices to drive away the winter fuzziness and balance water intake during winters.

You can also eat water!

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3 No caffeine after 2pm

Intake of high amounts of caffeine during the later part of the day has always been advised against, as caffeine post 2 pm can result in restlessness and sleep deprivation. Caffeine also leads to dehydration and it is better to avoid dehydration during winters. Replace coffee or tea with water based herbal teas like jasmine or chamomile. Green tea can be your safest bet; it will boost your immune system and keep the flu away while keeping you hydrated and healthy.

No caffeine after 2pm

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4 Stay away from the wrong drinks

Winter can cause dehydration; you don’t have to make it worse with wrong choices of drinks. When you are trying to increase water intake during winters, it is important to know what not to drink. Try to stay away from caffeinated drinks , alcohol and soda. These three types of drinks cause dehydration and mess up with the water level in your system.


Just moisturizing during winters isn’t enough to keep your skin hydrated and soft; water plays an important role too. Follow the above tips to maintain a healthy intake of water during winters. This winter say hello to soft and glowing skin, shiny soft hair and the hydrated you! It’s time to say goodbye to dry skin and the gloomy feeling.

Stay away from the wrong drinks

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