10 Ways to boost your Metabolism for good health and Muscle Growth

The benefits of boosting your metabolism are countless. Not only does an increase in metabolism contribute to effective fat burn, it also improves health, aids in better digestion and absorption of food and most of all a good night’s sleep. However, how slow or fast the rate of your metabolism is, depends on various factors such as your lifestyle and diet. Here are ten ways to boost your metabolism.


1 Eat Metabolic Boosting Foods

Perhaps the most natural and easiest way to boost your metabolism is to consume metabolic boosting foods. They aren’t all bad when you hear some of them, like Oats, almonds, salmon, blueberries, turkey, spinach, green tea, dairy, avocados and believe it or not, your own cup of black coffee. Sounds great, isn’t it?

Metabolic Boosting Foods

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2 Observe Your Body’s Natural Timetable

Everyone has their own body clock which most naturally gives you a hint of the time, when you’re hungry and should eat when you should indulge in exercise. Stick to disciplined and proper meal timings with a gap of 3-4 hours between meals and always eat an hour and a half at least before sleeping. Sticking to a routine and meal plan not only increases metabolism, it results in a healthier constitution.

Breakfast foods

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3 Drink Plenty of Water

Keeping yourself hydrated with plenty of water is important for increasing your metabolism. Lack of water can cause your liver to work on water storage rather than your metabolism. Water hydrates your system and eliminates toxins as well.

Drink Plenty of Water

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4 Get Your Dairy

Dairy products and Milk contain an abundance of essential nutrients and vitamins such as calcium, great for increasing metabolism and burning fat. Milk and dairy products such as Yogurt will ensure you have a healthy metabolism every day.

woman pouring milk in bowl

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5 Start Exercising

Engaging in physical activities such as jogging, swimming and cycling are beneficial for your metabolism. If you really want to enhance your metabolic activity, join a gym and indulge in some effective cardio .HIIT is best suited for those with less time on their hands and it’s great for boosting your metabolism and contributing to muscle growth, not forgetting a healthy heart.

Girl Exercising

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6 Sleep Early

You’ve heard the saying early to bed and early to rise? Well that’s perfect for your metabolism. Getting a good night’s sleep will help you burn fat effectively. Waking up early each morning to enjoy the sunshine is also another means to increase metabolism. Always ensure that you get a minimum of 7 to 8 hours of sleep at night because less than that will put all your good efforts to waste.

Sleep Early

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7 Ensure the Right Amount Of Carbs

Not always is carbohydrate bad. Carbs doesn’t mean those sugary foods such as your cakes, chocolates and ice creams. Foods such as rice, wheat, bread and cereals will load you up on healthy carbs, which will provide you energy for your exercise and increase metabolism.

Healthy foods

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8 Stop Snacking

When you’ve committed yourself to a disciplinary form of eating at the right times of day, then snacking just won’t do. That would be counterproductive. The food that you eat provides you energy for at least 4 hours. Snacking in-between will mean your body relies on current sources of fat for energy. There will not be any effective fat burn, Instead you’ll be gaining weight.

Girl eating donut

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9 Add Salt to Your Diet

Never avoid the required amount of salt you use for seasoning your food. It isn’t bad for you, contrary to what most people may believe. Iodized salt provides us with iodine, which is good for metabolism and thyroid function.

Add Salt to Your Diet

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10 Get Your Daily Dose Of Iron

Iron is necessary for a healthy blood count. Lack of iron will reduce your hemoglobin levels. Increasing your blood cells will mean increasing production of oxygen in your body, which is vital for healthy organs and muscles. Lack of iron can result in fatigue, tiredness, poor health and disease like anemia. Iron boosts your metabolism and helps you metabolize protein for faster muscle growth. Foods that are rich in iron are fish, meat, apples, poultry, seafood, beans and leafy vegetables.

Daily Dose Of Iron

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