10 Ways Your Body Is Trying To Tell You Have A Protein Deficiency

8Brain Fog

Protein is also necessary for brain health and cognitive function. Protein deficiencies can cause lack of motivation, poor memory, problems with focus and concentration, difficulty in learning new things and brain fog. One study found that dopamine, serotonin and epinephrine are three major neurotransmitters the brain needs for optimum function and focus. Protein helps us acquire sung elements for brain health.


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9You are hungry one hour after eating

The body takes less time to digest fat and protein which means you will feel hungry faster if you eat more carbohydrate instead of protein and fat. By only eating milk and cereal for breakfast, can cause a sugar spike and crash. This leads to requiring more carbs to regain energy. You need to eat a balanced meal of 40% protein, 30% fat and 30% carbohydrate in every meal. This also leads to weight gain faster where protein helps you lose weight.


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10You keep getting sick

Antibodies are strengthened by protein to ward off sickness which is why it is considered a major immunity booster. If you catch colds frequently, then it could be a lack of protein. High protein foods contain elements like zinc that fight infection.


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How much protein you need to consume

The USDA recommends the RDA (required daily amount) of protein is 56g per day for men and 46 g per day for women. For kids, it can range from 19 g to 56 g depending on the age. Protein intake requirements can also vary for those who are sick or pregnant.


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