10 Ways Your Body Is Trying To Tell You Have A Protein Deficiency

4Hair loss

90% of our hair is keratin which is purely a substance made of protein. Without protein and proper nutrients, hair may get thinner and even fade in color. Lack of protein may also result in hair loss. Such things can happen when the body gets used to not getting a supply of protein and stops using it to preserve non-essential things like hair growth.


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5Fatty liver

One of the most common signs of a protein deficiency is fatty liver. This isn’t a good condition because if left untreated it can lead to more serious liver complications such as fatty liver disease, liver inflammation and even scarring of the liver which in turn could lead to liver failure a fatal and serious condition. Liver conditions are common in people who consume excess alcohol, those who are obese and even children. Eating too much-fried foods and junk food can also lead to liver problems.


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6Increased risk of bone fractures

Protein is necessary for healthy bones too. A lack of protein can result in weak bones that increase the risk of bone fractures. The main reason for this is that to absorb calcium, the bones need protein for bone metabolism.


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7Sleep deprivation

Insomnia and sleep deprivation are conditions linked to protein deficiencies. Proteins from foods we consume provide building blocks for amino acids like tryptophan responsible for healthy sleep as it induces drowsiness. To be able to sleep and feel drowsy, we need more protein-rich foods near bedtime for a healthy sleep.


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