Water from the shower heads in your bathroom can be life-threatening!!

Taking a shower after a long day’s work leaves us feeling refreshed and relaxing especially when you opt for the hot shower. People usually enjoy taking shower in the morning before going to work which makes them feel energized and clean or just before going to sleep. Do you spend hours in a week’s time for getting your body scrubbed and cleaned? Sometimes you might feel that there is nothing worse then coming home for a hot shower and finding out that you heating system has failed you (luckily you can easily solve this by checking out a company that can help you with your hot water heating systems).


However, have you ever felt that you might be at the risk of getting contact with some of the dangerous bacteria that can make you fall seriously ill? Sounds scary as well as surprising, right? Shower infections are pretty common in public washrooms especially in swimming clubs but how it is possible right at your home. Is this bothering you?

1 Bacteria and fungi present in the shower heads of your bathroom

According to a new study and research, the shower head is a potential breeding ground for various disease causing germs. It is said that layers of slime or biofilm can grow that leads into bacteria and you will be practically bathing with the germs. Research claims that water coming out from shower heads can be dirtier than the loo water.


The presence of a wide range of bacteria and fungi right in your bathroom is a major concern. Next time when you are up for cleaning the toilet area and the floor region, you need to give importance to the shower heads as well and make sure to disinfect it so that there is no bacterial or fungal breeding.

Bacteria and fungi present in the shower heads of your bathroom

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2 People complaint about several health related issues

It might be new to you but bacteria and fungi related diseases breeding from the bathroom is not new and has affected thousands of people across the globe in the past. A plethora of diseases starting from Crohn’s and Legionnaires’ to septicaemia and hair, eye, ear and skin complaints are pretty much common.

Do you know why the shower heads are the primary breeding grounds for bacteria and fungi? Well that is because they are wet and moist majority of the times. If proper disinfectant program is not carried out, it will be a threat to life especially for those suffering from weak immune system and pulmonary diseases. You should ensure that you are taking precautions and cleaning the shower heads at least once or twice in a month.

People complaint about several health related issues

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3 This is a serious issue and must not be neglected

There is no doubt that nobody will want to stand under a shower with the knowledge that the water that is coming out is dirty and full of germs. You will be surprised to know but the fact is that water that pops out from a dirty and untreated shower head is more dangerously filled with bacteria than the water that you find in the toilet.


The worst part about the bacteria and fungi from the water of the shower heads is that they can very easily get into your lungs and different parts of your body system and even your blood stream and this makes the whole situation very serious. Henceforth, you should ensure as a house owner that proper care and maintenance is carried out with the shower heads.

This is a serious issue and must not be neglected

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4 How do your eyes and ears get affected with the bacteria laden shower water?

When you are taking shower under the dirty water coming out from the shower heads, there is every chance of getting eye infection known as Keratitis and you might also suffer from cornea inflammation. It is said people who take bath wearing the contact lenses are more prone to the infection.

Acanthanmoeba is the bacteria that might get into your eyes as well and cause serious eye infection that can lead to permanent visual impairment as well. It is best to remove the contact lens and then take the shower. Antibiotic drops are available for treating such infections and the process can last for months.

How do your eyes and ears get affected with the bacteria laden shower water?

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Pseudomonas Aeruginosa is the bacterium that can lead to ear infection known as “swimmer’s ear”. It shows swelling accompanied with itching sensation, pain, discharge and even difficulty in hearing. The worst part is that if it gets into the lung tissue, it can lead to pneumonia. In fact tissue damage and septic shock is also a possibility if the dirty water enters a burn or a cut.


5 Don’t take risk with your health

The presence of the dangerous bacteria and the fungi can also affect your hair, skin, lungs, digestive system and the bloodstream as well. Don’t take the impacts of the germ borne shower lightly. The detrimental factors can often lead to death and lifelong serious health problems. Start taking precautions today so that you don’t have to suffer in the long run.

Don’t take risk with your health

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