10 Warning Signs Your Body Is Crying for More Calcium

8Difficulty swallowing

It may sound completely unrelated but it has been medically proven that a lack of calcium can cause dysphagia, which is a medical condition in which it gets hard to swallow. This causes a contraction of muscles in the throat which inhibits natural swallowing of food and water. In fact, in extreme cases it can cause conditions like spasms in the larynx and even a voice change. However, if this happens, it is advisable to consult a doctor to rule out hypothyroidism that also causes the same condition.

Difficulty swallowing

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Our teeth and bones are the repository of calcium in vast amounts, so in the case of a calcium deficiency, they are the ones which suffer the most. The teeth usually start turning yellow, weak, start decaying and cause a lot of pain. To add to the misery, you may also experience periodontal disease as well which is bad news.


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10Muscle cramps

Have you experienced severe muscle cramps at night? This is one of the signs of calcium deficiency? The extreme pain in calves, arms, underarms are early symptoms of a lack of calcium and should not be ignored. These cramps can also affect your movements while walking or cycling and progress into spasm of extreme pain all over your body. needless to say, what is the reason and what you need to do when faced with such problems. It is best to consult a doctor when facing any of these issues that are signs of calcium deficiency for a proper course action.

Muscle cramps

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