10 Warning Signs Your Body Is Crying for More Calcium


Calcium levels fluctuate from high to low when we are in deep sleep, so it’s natural that if your body lacks calcium in the right quantity, you might be in for restless sleep and may wake up several times at night because your quality of sleep is compromised. This results in fatigue and you do not feel refreshed even after a night’s sleep. Moreover, calcium contributes to melatonin production which is the sleep hormone. So, less melatonin means less sleep or even insomnia in the worst-case scenario.


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Paraesthesia is an umbrella term for a bunch of different neurological problems which are related to severe calcium deficiency. Patients feel numbness around their mouth or tingling in their feet or toes and even in the fingers making it difficult to do chores like writing or other basic stuff. This is multiplied with tremors experienced in limbs, impaired sense of touch and even worse, it can lead to hallucinations and memory issues.


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6Frequent illness

Calcium is important in maintaining a robust immune system and it strengthens our body to fight against alien bacterial and viral invasions. Needless to say, the decrease in calcium reduces the immunity against these dastardly pathogens and we succumb easily to flu, cold, fever, cough and sniffles repeatedly.

Frequent illness

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7Brittle nails

We all know the health of our nails largely depend upon calcium. Healthy, and shiny nails are a sign of good calcium in the system. On the other hand, if our nails are brittle, lack lustre, weak and prone to breakage, or peeling and splitting at the drop of a hat then this is a sign of calcium deficiency as the nails can’t even withstand simple daily tasks without getting harmed.

Brittle nails

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