10 Warning Signs That Indicate That Your Appendix Can Rupture At Anytime

8Severe cramps

In serious cases, you can experience severe cramps and if they occur then it is a big sign that an appendix rupture will happen. When these cramps are caused by appendicitis, they tend to originate in your lower abdomen. But severe cramps are a complicated warning sign as they can occur for different reasons as well. The only way to understand whether they are an indication of your appendix rupturing is if you get them along with other signs.

Severe cramps

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9Brain fog

Having brain fog is never a good sign and if you do experience it, then you should get medical aid as soon as possible. Experiencing brain fog with other symptoms as well means that your bloodstream has gotten infected and is slowly getting worse. The infection in your bloodstream starts depleting the oxygen levels that travel to your brain. The slightest changes in your brain can trigger brain fog, so you should get yourself checked out without any delays.

Brain fog

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People with appendicitis can develop a low-grade fever and experience some chills too. Take this as an indicator of an appendix rupture which can take place at any time. If your appendicitis deteriorates and bursts, your fever will rise and that could spell a real emergency.

Checking Fever

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