10 Warning Signs That Indicate That Your Appendix Can Rupture At Anytime

4Trouble with passing gas

A potential red flag that your appendicitis is at risk of rupturing is when you have trouble with passing gas. If you experience any of the other signs on this list, along with this sign then it is a sure indication of a complete obstruction in your bowels which may be indicative of an appendix rupture.

Trouble with passing gas

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5Abnormal bowel movements

Constipation and diarrhea are indications of abnormal bowel movements which mean that something is definitely wrong within your body. If you have appendicitis, then it may be that your appendix has swollen up so much that it is now causing an obstruction. An infection could also be the reason behind your abnormal bowel movements.

Abnormal bowel movements

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6Decreased appetite

Everyone needs to eat in order to keep up their strength, energy and stay healthy. However, certain health problems and conditions make you lose your appetite and that itself is a big problem. A decreased appetite means that something is seriously wrong and you shouldn’t ignore it because food is vital for keeping you alive. Appendicitis can account for your decreased appetite as well. If your loss of appetite happens along with other red flags or warning signs on this list, then you have your answer- it is a sure sign of appendicitis.

Decreased appetite

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7Lower back pain

The appendix may be a tiny part of your body but, it can cause you excruciating pain when it is about to burst or rupture. Appendicitis pain starts in the abdomen and can be felt in your lower back too. Many health issues, including appendicitis can cause lower back pain. Some people have their appendicitis located further back and, in such cases, lower back pain is common. At first, the pain will seem dull, but it gradually becomes intense over time.

Lower back pain

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