10 Warning Signs That Indicate That Your Appendix Can Rupture At Anytime

People who have appendicitis and still choose to neglect it ultimately end up experiencing their appendix rupture. If you catch appendicitis before an appendix rupture, it could save you from several issues, including avoiding a rupture. So, as soon as your appendicitis is detected you should seek out professional help. If it’s left untreated, it can result in severe, uncomfortable, and life-threatening issues. The faster it is removed, the less chances of your life being at risk.


As per doctors, people who have their appendix removed don’t face any negative consequences. The appendix doesn’t have any essential function which is why having it removed is the best option to prevent the risk of a rupture.

Now that you know what an appendix rupture is and what must be done to prevent it from occurring, next you need to watch out for these 10 signs that warn you that your appendix might rupture soon.


1 Bloated abdomen

A swollen or bloated abdomen is one of the signs that tell you that your appendix might rupture. If your stomach starts expanding beyond its typical size, the only reason for this may be appendicitis. However, your stomach does swell after heavy meals as well, but if you haven’t eaten anything and it swells then you need to pay attention to it because if it doesn’t subside soon, it could be bad news. Appendicitis is known to cause inflammation in the body followed by other complications like worsening infections and blockages. You should see a doctor as soon as you notice your stomach swelling up or your abdomen bloating out for no apparent reason.

Bloated abdomen

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2Belly button pain, vomiting, and nausea

Pain in the area around your belly button, nausea, or vomiting are classic signs of appendicitis on the verge of rupturing. All three signs can often occur at the same time. It begins with the pain around your belly button followed by vomiting soon after. A few hours later, the pain shifts to the lower right side of your abdomen. But sometimes these symptoms occur individually and the abdominal pain may feel like a dull stomachache or cramp that gradually gets worse. Alternatively, sometimes the pain is sharp, severe, and constant on the right side.

Some people even experience this pain as a pelvic pain that slowly worsens. Nausea and vomiting without abdominal pain occur in some instances as well. But in any case, if you walk, stand, cough, jump, or sneeze your pain only seems to get worse and it could become so intense that it starts occurring each time you breathe.

Belly button pain

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3You feel like urinating frequently

When you feel like urinating constantly it is indeed a red flag of appendicitis. This frequent urge to go to the toilet will linger on even after urinating and can be rather painful. But if your appendix becomes too inflamed it can cause problems for your bladder and cause your urinary tract to get inflamed as well. An inflamed urinary tract is the prime reason why you may always feel like urinating. It would be best to seek professional medical aid if you notice that you are going to pee too often.

You feel like urinating frequently

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