These warning signs of stroke that appear a month before can well save your life


When you reach a certain age, it is imperative to be aware of certain conditions and diseases that could cause problems for you. Take stroke for instance. Stroke can attack just about anyone but contrary to belief it actually warns you well in advance. The biggest problem is that these warning signs of stroke as so common, we mistake them for regular ailments.

Stroke consists of two major types. Ischemic stroke and hemorrhagic stroke. Ischemic strokes are caused by artery blockage that results in reduced blood flow to the brain. This is the most common type of stroke. Hemorrhagic stroke on the other hand is caused by bleeding and blood clots in the brain which may have been caused by injury.

1 Brain damage and death of brain cells

Stroke is the fifth largest cause of death in the United States. In cases not resulting in death it surely leads to long term disability or paralysis. Strokes are a condition in which the blood flow to the brain is cut off resulting in reduced or total lack of oxygen. Moreover nutrient supply to the brain is also cut off leading to sever brain damage and death of brain cells. This is what causes death or paralysis depending on the intensity of the stroke.


In stroke conditions leading to paralysis, it is because of damage done to that part of the brain associated with a particular part of the body. Stroke can induce partial or total paralysis.

Brain damage and death of brain cells

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