6 Warning signs of ovarian cyst that no woman should ignore

Ovarian cancer is known as the ‘silent killer’. Like many other forms of cancer, it doesn’t show any early signs of manifestation and when it is found, it becomes too late to treat or control and is one of the biggest killer form of cancer.


Even if it shows signs, they are very vague and non specific and which often are diagnosed as some other ailment altogether. The main thing is that chances of having the ovarian cancer are very less for women.

But if you do find something unusual, you should not ignore it completely just because it is just another pain or ache. The perception of cancer being a serious disease that causes death and still see it as an incurable disease, has led people to keep coming forward if and when they feel something odd with their bodies.


But for all the women out there, here are 6 warning signs of ovarian cancer that you must not ignore at any cost.


1 Pelvic pain

Pain in the pelvic area or the lower back area may give a strong indication of something amiss. Though usually, the pain is due to sitting in one bad position in office or at home, or getting injured playing any sport, but if the pain persists and gets intense with time, it may be something else.

It may also be a sign of a cyst in the stomach or the ovaries. The doctor might be able to give a better diagnosis after a thorough medical check. The cyst may be benign and would not turn into cancer. But if the cyst turns out to be cancerous, the doctor may be able to help in a better way and suggest treatment options.

Pelvic pain

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2 Stomach bloating

Bloating of stomach may happen due to many reasons. It may be due to retention of water by the stomach, indigestion of food or a chronic digestion problem as well. Lactose intolerance also causes the stomach to bloat as gases form due to body’s inability to break lactose.


But if the bloating of stomach remains for more than 3 weeks even after trying the usual remedies for all possible causes, you should take further tests like an MRI or a CT scan to make sure that it is not a case of ovarian cysts bloating the stomach, because a malignant ovarian cyst may be a sign of ovarian cancer.

Stomach bloating

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3 Incessant peeing

Another possible sign of ovarian cancer may be the constant feeling of urination or having to pee numerous times in a day. Also feeling pain or having to apply pressure to force the urine out, may be signs of ovarian cancer. If you feel strong urge to urinate, then also it may be a sign of ovarian cancer. You should visit a doctor to get a urinalysis to get to the root cause of the problem.

Incessant peeing

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