Want to remove hair colors without harming your hair? Try these natural ways to do it

Coloring your hair is a way to express yourself. People and especially young people love to color their hair in different colors as a way to rebel from the norms set by their parents and to show their independence.


But coloring agents have harmful chemicals in them and constant use of these hair colors can harm your hair in the long run. They need to go to professionals like love and roots – Hair Color who have been trained for years to ensure they cause as little damage as possible to your hair. This shouldn’t be something you do at home. It is also imperative for people using hair colors that they wash off their hair properly before moving onto the next color of their choice.

But the chemicals in the shampoos and conditioners can also have ill effects on hair if used again and again. As alternatives, people should turn to substances that occur naturally and wash hair without damaging them and removing all the color that remains in the hair.


Here are four alternative natural ways to remove color from your hair.

1 Vinegar

Vinegar is multipurpose ingredient of your kitchen. Not only does it make most of your cooking masterpieces tasty, it also comes in handy when you are stuck in a sticky situation with other things, apart from cooking.


Vinegar is high in acid content, but unlike shampoos and conditioners, this acid is made naturally and does not harm your hair. This makes vinegar a perfect thing which can be used wash hair color out of your hair. Just mix vinegar and water in 1:1 ratio and put it on your hair. Wrap your head in a plastic bag and leave the mixture for 20 minutes or so. Wash out your hair with normal water.

If the color is stubborn and is not coming out, mix a little more vinegar and a little less water in the mixture.



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2 Vitamin C

Another great alternative for vinegar is using Vitamin C. You can use lemons to get Vitamin C, but tablets of Vitamin C will also do fine. Take 5-10 tablets and place them in a bowl and add some water. Crush them using a spoon and place the mixture on your hair evenly and wear a shower cap, leaving the mixture on for atleast an hour.

You can also mix Vitamin C with your shampoo. Mix 5-10 tablets, crushed with the regular amount of shampoo that you use and apply the mixture evenly on the hair. Leave it for 60 minutes or so and rinse your hair with water.

Vitamin C

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3 Coconut Oil

Coconut is nature’s given all-in-one. Its hair oil is a boon for your hair as it makes them shiny, more healthy and lively. It is also a great way to remove hair colors.


Heat up some coconut oil, by putting the oil bottle in hot water for 2-3 minutes. Now put this warm oil in your hair and apply it evenly. Now cover the hair by wrapping it in some cloth and leave it for an hour or so.

The cloth will soak all the oil along with the color. Repeat the procedure if required and then shampoo your hair as you do normally.

Coconut Oil

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4 Baking Soda

Another wonder item from your kitchen is the baking soda. You can find more uses for it in your home apart from just using it for baking. It is a very good thing to wash hair with, as it gives life to dull hair and makes them shiny.

It also makes a good wash to remove hair colors. It becomes more effective when mixed with your everyday shampoo. Mix one tablespoon of baking soda and 1 tablespoon of your normal shampoo. Now wash your hair with it. You will have to repeat the process in every 2-3 days in order to remove the color completely.


With these natural ways to remove hair color, you can now have more chances to go for other colors every now and then; and as these substances are natural and some are extremely good for the health of your hair, they will be doing good to your tresses after they have been attacked by different chemicals present in hair colors.

Baking Soda

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