Want to know what to eat during pregnancy? Read on to know how organic food is better than conventional food!

Becoming pregnant changes everything. The focus of life shifts to the little human growing inside and everything is done keeping that in mind.


You think of eating, drinking, watching and reading keeping the young one in mind. But what is the most important thing that it needs? Nutrition, which it gets from the food you eat. So the choices you make will affect your kid, you will seriously have to think and decide carefully, what to eat during pregnancy. And here are some reasons that you should eat organic food or conventional food for the sake of the growing foetus.

Whatever you eat, will give nutrition and its ill effects to your child as well. So here are some reasons of why to eat and why not to eat conventional and organic food.


1 What is organic food?

Organic food is something that is grown using totally and completely natural methods with minimal use of fertilisers and other things. Many food serving establishments are going organic now as demand for these kinds of ingredients increases. You can even get a company like sun basket to deliver ready made meals made from organic produce to your door now!

In recent years, focus on consuming organic food has become intense owing to growing health problems in younger generations and growing use of chemicals in the food. Organic food productions have also been proved healthy for expecting ladies.

What is organic food?

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2 What is conventional food?

Conventional food means all of the normal food that we get in the supermarkets. These foods are prepared in industries and factories and mass produced at a time.


Even this food can be grown by modifying their genetics to suit more production and less wastage. Pesticides and fertilisers are also sprayed on them, and this may prove harmful in the long run. These conventional foods may also be injected with antibiotics for them to be made resilient to pests and animals.

What is conventional food?

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3 Organic vs Conventional food

A report from Stanford University in 2012 stated that there is very little difference in nutrition and health benefits of organic and conventional food. But many experts in the food and health industry completely blasted the study for overlooking significant aspects of both types of foods.

A team led by scientist Kristen Brant at the Human Nutrition Research Center Newcastle University, conducted a study that proved that there are significant differences in the nutrition values of organic foods. The study also carefully compared the qualities of organic and conventional apples, strawberries, grapes and other fruits.


The result of the study found that organic fruits had 10% to 30% more nutrients. Some nutrients like Vitamin C, antioxidants and phenolic acids were 60%-80% more in organic foods.

Organic vs Conventional food

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4 Organic food is definitely better than Conventional food, especially if you are pregnant

With the information about the conventional food that we have on our hand, just imagine the effects of GM foods on a woman who is pregnant. The craze for genetically modified foods started in early 1990s and children who were born in that era have now become grownups and we are seeing the side effects for the first time.

Even the pesticides sprayed on the crops for the sake of saving them from insects can cause birth defects. A paper published in a Paediatrics medical journal stated that pesticides can cause severe impairment of developing foetus, reducing the height and weight of the unborn baby.


While organic food is totally safe and has more nutrients that will benefit the developing foetus. It makes their bones stronger and builds up resistance to many pathogens and things that might harm the unborn baby at the time of birth.

Organic food is definitely better than Conventional food, especially if you are pregnant

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5 Organic food is beneficial for pregnant ladies!

“You should be eating organic food that will benefit you and your child” is the best answer to the question, “what to eat during pregnancy?” Eating organic food keeps you away from things like pesticides, antibiotics, additives that are routinely added to inorganic food materials in order to keep them safe and last long.


The only downside, which is actually a boon is that organic food has a very low shelf life. Since inorganic food lasts longer due to added preservatives, organic foods don’t have such harmful stuff and go bad easily. This means the boon part is that you have to buy fresh food items every week in order to eat them.

Another thing that you might have to compromise on is taste. Since organic foods doesn’t have any added tastes, they can be a little bland. But you can spice them up by doing some innovative cooking.

Organic food is beneficial for pregnant ladies!

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