Whole body vibration. A new Age therapy for Low Back Pain

Low back pain is one of the most common of ailments affecting people worldwide. There are a few things that people can do to treat this such as using a natural way to treat pain. With several natural and orthopedic remedies existing or low back pain, one particular doctor Named Jasper Sidhu has been advocating a lesser known therapy for over 10 years.


Whole Body Vibration Therapy for low back pain works remarkably well for patients in rehabilitation, sports and weight loss. Although considered contradictory by therapists, vibration therapy can actually help low back pain by virtue of the main reason that causes the problem.

1 Occupational body vibrations are the cause of low back pain

According to doctor Sidhu, It is disharmonious and negative bodily vibrations that cause low back pain. Till now it was universally accepted that body vibrations caused low back pain however what most therapists missed out was the specifics. It was bodily vibrations due to occupational hazards and negativity that caused the pain such as sitting for long periods or using a Jackhammer as in the case of construction workers.


Thus it was bad bodily vibrations that caused the low back pain. While body vibrations can instead help patients recover. Occupational body vibrations cause a person to remain in certain movements for a long time thereby impacting the body in a negative way. The result accumulates over the years resulting in conditions like low back pain.

Girl suffering from back pain

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2 Whole body vibration therapy is the cure

Whole body vibration therapy for low back pain on the other hand stimulates muscles for short durations using a platform to help a patient perform various exercises rehabilitation positions. This improves circulation in comparison to occupational body vibration which decreased circulation. The vibration therapy was originally known as Biomechanical Muscle Stimulation.

Whole body vibration is now gaining a lot of recognition as a subject of study in health departments of universities and hospitals around the world. Almost 250 published papers have appeared in renowned medical journals and repositories proving its efficacy for curing low back pain. The research is gaining credibility as an effective remedy for the condition with several sports journals publishing articles on its behalf.

Whole body vibration therapy

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3 A perfectly safe and effective remedy for low back pain

Whole body vibration therapy is totally safe when performed under the guidance of an expert. With a therapist or doctor present the technology has a high measure of success in eradicating low back pain. The main reason why doctors haven’t yet helped such a therapy gain a foothold is because of the lack of it being included in a doctor’s field of specialization and as a result, most don’t know what it is.


However as mentioned, the whole body vibration therapy for low back pain is gaining ground and will soon be in the limelight as a perfect remedy for the nagging condition.

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