10 Vein-Damaging Habits That You Are Doing Every Day

4Consuming excess amounts of sugar

One of the worst vein-damaging habits is your habit of eating too much sugar. Sugar can raise your blood pressure which in turn weakens and damages your veins. It even makes your blood vessels inflamed which makes pumping blood properly difficult for them and this may result in the veins dilating and bulging. Some foods like dried fruit which are healthier alternatives to sugar are still very high in calories and can be bad for your veins.

Consuming excess amounts of sugar

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5Not exfoliating your legs

While exfoliating the skin on your legs won’t do much to prevent varicose veins, but the way you massage your legs while applying the exfoliation product will certainly do some good. The massaging will help stimulate the blood flow which will keep your veins from getting lazy. The improved blood circulation will even increase collagen production which will keep the skin on your legs, smoother for longer.

Not exfoliating your legs

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6Standing for too long

Sometimes you can’t avoid standing for long periods of time because of your job, but it still is one of the many vein-damaging habits you need to avoid. You can do this by walking around a bit or take some sitting breaks instead of remaining standing in a static position the whole time. Standing for too long can put a lot of pressure on the veins in your legs and is one of the causes of varicose veins.

Standing for too long

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7Frequently wearing high heels

Wearing high heels for certain occasions and events is alright, but wearing them too often may put too much pressure on the veins in your calves. It practically stops the blood from pumping and flowing actively in your veins and this could possibly lead to stagnation and engorged veins. In time, this could even lead to varicose veins, so it would do you good to wear something more comfortable than your high heels most of the time.

Frequently wearing high heels

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