10 Vein-Damaging Habits That You Are Doing Every Day

Anyone can someday develop swollen lumpy veins, but what exactly causes it? This condition is not really dangerous but it can be rather unpleasant. There are many ways to prevent them but because of some of your daily actions, your veins can be affected and made to bulge out. So, what is it that you are doing that’s causing these veins to bulge or what are these vein-damaging habits of yours? You can check if you are doing any of these 10 habits that are responsible for causing your veins to become like that.


1 Keep your legs crossed while sitting

It is partially true that crossing your legs can cause varicose veins. This is mainly because of the pressure exerted on your veins due to keeping your legs and hips in that position. It leads to your veins getting engorged with blood and becoming more visible. So, this is one of the many vein-damaging habits you need to stop to protect your veins.

Keep your legs crossed while sitting

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2Using a dry brush

You’ve probably come across videos and blogs where you see beauticians promoting dry brush massages. While this does offer some cosmetic benefits, it doesn’t do your veins any favors. In fact, it can do more harm than good for your veins. Using a dry brush very often or too intensely will only leave you with micro-cuts caused by its bristles. This will only leave your veins more vulnerable to intense bleeding and infections.

Using a dry brush

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3Shaving your legs

Shaving your legs is fine until you do it in a hurry. Rushing it will only result in accidental cuts that cause razor burns which can affect your veins that are more prone to bleeding. Women mainly shave in a hot or warm shower, and if you accidentally cut your legs with a razor, the heat from the water can increase the bleeding. However, you can avoid this by opting for razors that are specially designed for dry skin types.

Shaving your legs

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