10 Valuable facts about your abdomen your doctor may not have told you

The abdomen is regarded as the entire area between your thorax and pelvis. It is home to the alimentary canal where major processing for food such as digestion and absorption takes place. Check out these 10 facts about the Abdomen.


1 The abdomen provides support and influences correct posture

A correct posture is vital to health. In order to help your abdomen maintain your posture, you too need to practice correct ways of sitting, standing and walking. Regular exercise will be extremely beneficial too.

correct posture

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2 Yoga and jogging strengthens and balances your abdominal muscles

Keeping you abdominal muscles healthy is conducive in preventing back ache, muscle spasm, injuries and other forms of bodily stress.

Yoga and jogging strengthens and balance

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3 The Transverse abdominus is responsible for body posture

The transverse abdominus is the set of muscles on the lateral and anterior abdominal wall. These are responsible for posture and core strength of the body. These are also the deepest muscles found in the body.

Transverse abdominus

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4 Food processing and break down occurs in the abdomen

Once the lower smaller process of food digestion occurs in the abdomen, tiny food particles called chime then enter the intestines where the digestion and break up process is continued.

Food processing and break down

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5 Sugary foods are digested easily in the abdomen

In facts about the abdomen, while protein and fats take time for digestion, sugary foods are broken down and digested easily. This is why dieticians recommend eating more protein and healthy fats so you don’t feel hungry too often.

Sugary foods

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6 The abdomen plays and an important role in immune system

The abdomen is the first line of defense in the immunity system. Substances in the abdomen protect the body form viruses and bacteria entering through eating and during digestion.

The smiling abdomen

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7 Soda and carbonated beverages cause a lot of air in your abdomen

After consuming a meal. Air enters into your abdomen along with the food. Carbonated drinks cause an excess of air entering your abdomen. Burping helps in expelling the gas collected in your abdomen.

air in your abdomen

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8 What is the capacity of your abdomen?

Your abdomen has the capacity to carry several liters of food. One adult abdomen hold approximately 1.5 liters of food and liquid.

capacity of your abdomen

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9 Both thin and fat people have a similar sized abdomen

The size of the abdomen is the same for slim and fast people, however due to excess eating, the abdomen adapts in size and this is what contributes to obesity. In such cases, surgery may be required to reduce the size.

Both thin and fat people

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10 Obese people can fall prey to many chronic diseases

Among the important facts about the abdomen, abdominal obesity can cause problems of cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, asthma, and hypertension. It can also lead to lethargy and fatigue. Obesity can also lead ot diabetes.

chronic diseases

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