Using the same toothbrush since last 3 months? You should definitely read this

Oral hygiene is something that we are taught since we are able to walk. We should brush our teeth twice daily, once in the morning and once before sleeping. We should also floss our teeth after every meal. We need to visit dentist twice a year and always keep away from consuming things that may harm our teeth.

One such instrument of oral hygiene that we use is a toothbrush. But for some reason we tend to buy the cheapest one available and use it until it breaks or withers away. But according to the doctors, using the same toothbrush for a long time is harmful to your oral hygiene.

Continue reading to find out the reason why.

1 Toothbrushes

A toothbrush generally is made up of plastic with a cluster of plastic bristles on one end on which we put our favorite toothpaste and use it to clean our teeth and gums twice every day. However the concept of oral hygiene predates the invention of toothbrush.


A predecessor of toothbrush was the chew stick, found first in Babylonia dating back to 3500 BC. Even the Ayurveda and Muslim medicinal texts talk about something known as miswak, a form of chewing stick which was used to clean teeth in the morning by chewing on it and dates back to 6th century AD.

Mass production of toothbrushes started in US in 1885 and at that time, animal hair was used for bristles and bones served as a handle. The modern toothbrush came out in 1938; the first electric toothbrush was made available to public in 1954.


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