If you have a habit of using Cell phones in dark, this can be horrible to your eyes


Things have changed when it comes to our sleeping habits. The invention of internet and smartphones has made it possible for us to use the devices in our beds and that has led to us sleeping later than ever. We tend to use our phones or tablets even in our beds for watching movies, our favorite shows online and playing games. This habit of using the phone in the dark may be dangerous to our health, as it has pushed back our sleeping times and even made people insomniacs. But doctors have found a much more pressing issue about this usage of phones at night, one which can have a devastating effect on our health.

1 Cell phone importance

Cell phones have become an integral part of our lives. The earliest model of a portable phone that become widespread in public was in 1997 and since then the people have easily adopted this new way of staying in contact. With the advent of internet and smartphones, lives of people have moved on from computers and laptops to mobiles. They do everything from entertainment to shopping to banking and probably everything. This has led to one of the worst modern habits of using cellphones even when one is on the bed.

Using cell phone in the dark

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