What your unusual facial hair growth could be telling you?

Every woman wants to look her best at all ages. As we age, our body goes through many changes, which reflects in various parts of our body. Now, this aging process also includes hormonal changes for a woman. A woman goes through puberty, pregnancy followed by child-birth and finally menopause. Her body is never the same after each wear and tear. No two women will ever experience similar body changes. A few changes could entail, skin problems, facial hair growth and maybe some serious inner bodily changes. If you happen to be facing similar issues, here’s some help for you. We have compiled important information that could assist you in taking proper care of yourself.

1 PCOS – A Major Reason For These Changes

Hair growth on a woman’s face is considered abnormal when the changes fall outside the parameters of what is considered normal. One major cause for these changes happens due to a condition called PCOS, or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. About one in ten women is diagnosed with this condition with severe symptoms.

Hair growth on a woman’s face

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