10 Of the most unique anti-ageing tips you may not have heard about

There are plenty of anti-ageing tips on the net as well as numerous products such as facial masks, creams and supplements that bombard you with the beneficial effects of anti-ageing. But preventing the factors that cause ageing like wrinkles, fine lines and pigmentation takes more of a lifestyle change than anything else. Ageing is inevitable, so even if you maintain your appearance longer than most, we all get old and retire eventually. While we fear it, there is really no reason you can’t keep living your best life as you age, so don’t get down about it, even if you have a full head of white hair! For those who are still fending off father time, here are a ten little known tricks to arm you in that battle.


1 Stop using the straw

So you thought it was hygienic to use a straw while drinking a beverage? Well, maybe it is but weighing the pros and cons, its best not to do so. Sipping a drink through a straw works on those facial muscles eventually causing wrinkles. Disbelief? Ask Angela Lamb, MD the Assistant Professor of dermatology at ICAHN School of Medicine.

Stop the straw

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2 Indulge Yourself!! Use Silk and Satin Pillowcases

So you thought sleeping on satin was just a privilege? Well it’s great for facial health. Polyester and cotton pillowcases tend to enhance friction, tugging at your skin which increases wrinkles and creases. A silky or satin pillowcase will allow your skin to slide across the surface without any damaging effect. Isn’t that cool?

Indulge Yourself!! Use Silk and Satin Pillowcases

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3 Switch to Sleeping On Your Back

Regardless of what others may have told you, constantly sleeping on your side is not advisable. It could cause wrinkles on cheeks resulting from the pressure against your bedding or pillows. Switching sides will just ensure you get an even set of wrinkles so don’t bother. Sleeping on your back is good for digestion, acidity and prevents breasts from sagging. Need I say more?

Switch to Sleeping On Your Back

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4 Stop Smoking, Period!!

Is it necessary to puff on a cancer stick? What does it do for you? Lung disease, cancer, bronchitis, smoker’s cough, and a big toll on your pretty looks; even your skin wrinkles faster by smoking not forgetting the ugly stained teeth and smoky breath. Here’s a statement “Smoking increases wrinkles due to facial motion, and it also has a vasoconstriction effect, which means it chokes off blood vessel circulation,” David Stoll, MD and the Author of ‘A Woman’s Skin’.

Stop Smoking, Period!

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5 Antioxidants!!! The Healthy Stuff You Don’t Want To Miss!!

Healthy diets are good for you no doubt!! But!! Are you getting enough antioxidants? Vit.C and Vit E, the two main factors of great healthy radiant skin will always be a part of unique anti-ageing tips. While Vit. C contains collagen and elastin necessary for skin tone and firmness, both fight free radicals which destroy tissues in your skin. Vit. E can be derived from capsules on advice of a doctor however avocados, veggie oils, almonds and walnuts are rich in Vit E. As for Vit. C, what better than broccoli, tomatoes, oranges and lemons. Eat healthy to get a good dose of antioxidants like Vitamin B6 and B12.


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6 Retinoids!! Great For Anti-Ageing

If you still feel you must have at least one great anti-ageing cream that will work for you, then retinoids are the best!! Dermatologists swear by them too! According to Doctor Lamb, retinoids increase the production of collagen and are rich in Vitamins. Retinoids may dry your skin, so start with a small percentage.


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7 Eat Less Salt

Salt contributes to water retention. Salty products contribute to unhealthy skin to as a result your face can get bloated. Use flavor enhancing products instead. Herbs like oregano and basil are excellent taste enhancers so are lemon juice, Indian spices and chili. Less salt means reduced risk of high blood pressure, it’s as simple as that!

Eat Less Salt

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8 Protect Your Chest

All women love that cool spaghetti in summer. The sun can play havoc with your décolleté, the area of your upper torso including your entire chest. Sun exposure results in wrinkly chest, skin ageing, and deteriorating tissues. Moisturize as much as possible, use sunscreens and herbal extracts on your chest skin. When in the sun, either cover-up or carry an umbrella

Protect Your Chest

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9 Get Your Protein

Women need no less than 46 gms of protein per day!! Are you getting that much? If you are pregnant or breast feeding or if you’re a sportswoman, you need even more. Getting your daily intake of protein reduces those hunger cravings and helps in your weight loss regime too. Protein contributes to muscle buildup and beautiful strong bouncy hair.

Get Your Protein

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10 Cut down Your Boozing

Isn’t this a bummer? As part of the unique anti-ageing tips, it’s true you have to reduce alcohol intake. If you want to reap the benefits of anti-ageing agents, then you will have to quit drinking, especially if you are prone to boozing frequently, just learn to say no.

 Cut down Your Boozing

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Alcohol leads to dehydration and if your skin gets dehydrated, then be prepared to age faster with wrinkly dull looking sagging skin, crow’s feet on the sides of your eyes and those lovely fine lines that will make you old before your time. Not forgetting longer cheek jowls. But want another tip? Stay off white wine as the acids are bad for enamel and can stain tour teeth.


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