15 Unhealthy People Who Lost Weight Thanks To A TV Show

11June McKaymee

June started eating to cope with the grief of her son’s passing. She asked her husband to get her food and he did. Soon, she was over 600 lb. June became scared and decided to go to experts for help. She had a gastric bypass surgery and psychotherapy. Then with physical exercise and dieting, she weighed 300 lb.

June McKaymee

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12Nikki Webster

Nikki’s parents gave in to her asking for food. She realized at age 33 that she was severely obese and her life was in danger because of her food addiction. She decided to have a gastric bypass surgery but would have to lose 50 pounds first. She went through psychotherapy and then started working out and dieting. She met someone and fell in love. She now weighs 235 lb and is happily married and healthy.

Nikki Webster

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13Chuck Turner

Chuck dealt with the tragedy of his wife’s murder with food. He ate till he weighed 700 lb. Somehow, someone decided to marry him and they even had a child. However, he was unable to raise the kid as he couldn’t move due to a tumor on his leg. He decided to lose weight and become an active father. He managed to lose 418 lb.

Chuck Turner

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14Amber Rachdi

Amber found comfort only in food. A 24, she weighed around 660 lb. She had to move in with her parents because she couldn’t move by herself anymore. When she got on the show she had gastric bypass surgery and then started seeing a therapist and going to the gym. After losing weight she left her boyfriend who didn’t mind her gaining weight. She married another man.

Amber Rachdi

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Lupita was bed-ridden for 10 years because of her weight. She was entirely dependent on her husband Gilbert. He took care of her but insulted her, cheated on her and humiliated her after being drunk. When Lupita started on the show and started losing weight her husband became jealous and insecure. She left him and is now with another man. She weighs 209 lb now.


Image Source: baca.co.id


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