15 Unhealthy People Who Lost Weight Thanks To A TV Show

Obesity is a real problem and something that a majority of the American population faces. This gets even worse when that weight is just too much for the person to handle.


“My 600-lb-life” is a reality television series that airs on the TLC television network and began in 2012. It follows the lives of people who are completely overweight and details how they transform themselves by losing all that weight via dedication and hard work. This show became a huge hit as it inspired people who were morbidly obese to actually work out and lose their weight.

1Marla McCants

Marla had a traumatic experience when she was kidnapped by her ex-boyfriend. The stress caused by the trauma made her stress-eat. Her boyfriend wasn’t caught until she was 43 years old. By then she was already 793 lb. Things got so bad she would cook food on the bed itself. A blood clot was discovered in her head and she decided to fight for her life and make things better.

Marla McCants

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2Susan Farmer

Susan had an eating disorder which caused her to gain weight. She struggled to start working on her dream of losing weight. She started with a gastric bypass surgery. Then she changed her eating habits and started working out. She succeeded in losing almost 400 lb. After having a surgery to remove the extra skin, she bought herself jeans. She had last worn jeans in middle school and it was a liberating experience for her.

Susan Farmer

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3Paula Jones

Paula felt like her weight was going to cause her major problems and her children would be in a tough situation. She gathered the motivation to lose weight. She reached 268 lb and then had a gastric bypass surgery. Now she weighs around 198 lb and lives a healthy lifestyle. She eats healthy, exercises regularly and uses her Instagram page to inspire her followers to live an active life.

Paula Jones

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4Brittani Fulfer

Brittani was a thyroid cancer patient since she was 19 years old and was suffering from immune system problems. She spent almost 8 hours a day eating in bed. She was growing increasingly worried that her husband would be disgusted by her. With the help of experts, she chalked out a way to lose weight with all her restrictions. She lost 332 lb in 3 years.

Brittani Fulfer

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5Mayra Rosales

Mayra weighed 1100 lb and was one of the heaviest women in the world. Her nephew died of head trauma. Mayra tried to prove to the police that she accidentally fell on the child causing his death. But police found out that her sister was the one responsible. This left Mayra to take care of her sister’s children after she was imprisoned. Mayra immediately knew she had to lose the weight. She underwent several dangerous surgeries and started working out and eating healthy.

Mayra Rosales

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