10 Unexpected Signs of Pregnancy Which You Aren’t Aware Of

When women get pregnant their bodies undergo various physical, psychological, and emotional changes. There are so many changes taking place that the body itself loses track of them. Needless to say, that these changes happen all of a sudden and in many unexpected ways. But when they start happening, your body will send you subtle and unusual hints that you are pregnant. These signs are often overlooked and you aren’t aware that you have a new life growing inside of you. So, here are 10 unexpected signs of pregnancy that you weren’t aware of.


1 Your sense of smell becomes stronger

Pregnant women typically develop a strong sense of smell. They can easily detect the odors or smells of coffee, spoiled foods, perfumes, and gasoline. This heightened sense of smell during pregnancy is known as hyperosmia and is a temporary condition that ends after the first trimester.

Sense of smell becomes stronger

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2You get a metallic taste from food

One of the earliest and unexpected signs of pregnancy is when food starts to taste sour and metallic. In fact, this is a common phenomenon called dysgeusia. But don’t try rinsing your mouth with salt or baking soda after brushing your teeth to get rid of that taste from your mouth as it will only result in alleviating the horrible metallic and sour taste even more. Consuming acidic foods will make it worse too.

Metallic taste from food

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3Your mouth always seems watery

Ptyalism gravidarum is a condition in which excess saliva starts accumulating in your mouth. This often takes place during pregnancy after which you start experiencing nausea and then vomiting. This is one of the subtle yet early unexpected signs of pregnancy. Why this happens is still unknown, but many pregnant women require paper tissues or cups to control their excessive saliva which might even cause drooling.

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